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JustinMorrison 12-10-2000 12:19 AM

This evening as I tried to leave work I noticed that my key would only go half way into the doorlock. I went around to the passenger side to find the same problem. Next I tried the trunk lock, which opened the trunk and all the doors without a hitch. The only problem is that unlocking the trunk doesn't turn off my alarm! There was no way I could drive home with the horn going off the whole way. I called MB roadside assistance, and they told me how to deactivate the alarm (remove fuse 8 and 15). The problem with that is that it also turns off the door lock/unlock system. So, when I got home I had to replace those two fuses so that tomorrow morning I will be able to get into the car (through the trunk again, and then to remove those fuses again!) When I got home I inspected the locks and found white powder on both the driver side and the passenger side. I'm not sure what this powder is, but I have a feeling that someone was messing with my locks. I am so bothered right now...thanks for listening.

Ashman 12-10-2000 01:03 AM

White powder?

Hmmm sounds like superglue fumes to me.

I find superglue leaves fumes on certain things.

Perhaps someone, some punk ass decided to glue your locks.

Damn bastards. That really sucks.

I hope its not superglue, that can ruin a perfectly good lock.

If it is superglue, you might be able to get some debonder for it, which might help.


JustinMorrison 12-10-2000 02:49 AM

Well, I called MB Roadside again, and they told me how to disconnect the alarm itself (without removing fuses). So things are a little better until I can get the locks fixed on Monday. I can't thank them enough for being able to help out. I don't know how other companies work, but I am so grateful that MB offered free help on a car bought over 13 years ago. I'm sure that the minor smile on my face will fade when I see how much the actual repair costs. If anyone knows what the cost of replacing the door locks will be, I'd be curious to know what I'm looking at. The tech said that the doorlocks are one piece including the outside handle, so I imagine it ain't cheap. Thanks again for the support everyone!

WmHarlow 12-10-2000 09:34 AM

Check with a locksmith before buying new locks
Changing the locks is a simple way to go, but now you will have another key to keep up with... Bummer:(

I agree with Ashman, probably superglue or other Cyanoacrylate product. My college roommate once had this done to his T-Bird. A local locksmith was able to clean up the locks in about 2 hours. This included removal, cleaning, lubrication, and re-installing. The cost was cheaper than replacing one of the locks! Check around your area for a reputable locksmith.

Good Luck,

rich30769 12-10-2000 10:08 AM

I had to change the door locks on my 300E over the summer. Some a--hole decided to do the exact same thing. The locks around where I'm from costs $300.(I'm sure I've could've found them cheaper, but I just was pissed and wanted to get this over with). As for the key. It was coded to where I could use the same key and they gave me 2 extras(probably for jerking me in the first place:D).
Hope everything turns out for the better. If you catch them, beat them for the ones that got away with doing mine also. TIA:D:D

LarryBible 12-10-2000 10:28 AM

If you get the new locks through the dealer, give them the VIN number of the vehicle. They will get you locks with the exact same key, no problem. Additionally, if you have any brass keys left, replace them with steel keys when you get the new locks. It has been found that the brass keys will deposit particles over time, ruining the lock cylinders. The particular cylinder that you really don't want to fail is the ignition lock, get steel keys while you're going through this problem. So, you won't have different keys to keep up with.

It's terrible to see something like this happen, there are some sleazy people in the world we live in. It's pathetic.

Best of luck with this,

stevebfl 12-10-2000 04:20 PM

The door locks completely disassemble. We do this all the time to recode keys or locks. Unless they are terribly worn I would try disassembly and cleaning.

JustinMorrison 12-10-2000 04:50 PM

I assume that to remove the locks I need to take off the inside door panel. I have removed the rear panels, so I get the basics, however I can't figure out the seat adjustment piece. Do the plastic "seat pieces" on the door have to come off? I tried to pull them, with no luck.

stevebfl 12-10-2000 05:21 PM

Actually, I do not know what body car you have. All the locks can be removed without removing the door panel except some models cannot be removed without turning the key, which you will not be able to do, obviously. Here the inner latch may also need to be remove so the two loose pieces can be twisted far enough.

The later cars have removable lock cylinder assemblies that can be removed without removing the handle. I do not do too much of that kind of work so I don't know the exact procedures for all models. As to the seat switches, the knobs pull off and then there is a small screw that allows the plate to come off. Here again it could depend on the model.

cerbomark 12-10-2000 05:22 PM

Just for information, without giving out too much information, glue into your lock was probably someone trying to open your door(to steal it or somthing out of it).This is a way to open locks . Nuf said.

JustinMorrison 12-11-2000 12:15 AM

The car is an '87 560SEL. I tried pulling on those little seat pieces, but I didn't want to break anything. I'll give it another shot tomorrow.

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