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Pbalias 12-18-2000 09:05 PM

Hello Everyone...

In my 92 400E, I replaced my crappy stock MB headlight and foglight bulbs with high wattage PIAA Super Plasma bulbs. For about a month everything worked fine, but then one day I had my headlights and foglights on for about 3 hours. Inside the car, the "Lamp Out" indicator came on, which stayed on even when I turned all the lights off. This "Lamp Out" light turned off with the key off, but as soon as I turned the key on again and turned the lights on, it came back on again. After a few minutes I found I blew the Foglight (Front & Back) fuse. From then, the "Lamp Out" light stayed off. Well, last night, without my foglights on, I saw that stupid light again, and it stayed on even with the headlights off, unless i turned them off AND the key off. The headlights are working fine,even though "Lamp Out" light is on and the plug for the headlights is not getting hot. Am I overloading the circuits with these bulbs somewhere and is that why the foglight fuse blew. Am I about to blow the headlight fuse? Is there any remedy (other than putting my sissy bulbs back in) to this problem???
Thank Millions.....Peter B.

need2speed 12-19-2000 12:11 AM

Hella and Philips make replacement bults of stock wattage that produce 30% more light output using xenon gas. They are cheap and don't cause any electrical problems. I've been running the Philips bulbs for a year without difficulty and the light is noticeably whiter than other cars (but not that blue color of xenon lights).:cool:

Check out

need2speed 12-20-2000 06:42 PM


The part number was #12342PR, Philips H4 Premium Blub-With Xenon. List price $16.95 Cdn.

Also Hella H4 +30 Bulb (Xenon-filled), part #78150, list price of $27.49 Cdn.

BUT WAIT: sells the Philips Xenon HID conversion kit for $590 US! Someone buy it and let us know how good it is. :p

ebennz 12-22-2000 08:48 AM

hi peter,

why don't you just go for a nice set of bosch or hella euro headlights? you'll never have to overload your lights again.

if you need higher wattage euro bulbs go w 80/100 watt.
just a thought...

it is your baby...

MikeM 12-22-2000 07:12 PM

Pull the connectors on your bulbs, You'll see there already starting to burn up the little connectors to ground.
Want to ask me how I know?

If you want to run these high wattage bulbs then you must run a relay connected setup.

dlswnfrd 12-23-2000 12:44 AM

El Cheapo Headlights
To All, I have directions and parts list for using the 100/80 watt bulbs in a W124030. This encludes the larger gauge wire an double contact relays. Contact me at my e-mail. There is no charge ofcourse. Quite a few MBCA members use this technique. Works pretty good. Happy Trails Beep Beep from Houston.

they ain't Euros they is El Cheapos

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