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Tom16v 01-18-2001 11:14 AM

Lately my car has been acting very wierd when I start it cold. If I just turn the key and let it crank, the car will take about a minute to start. But if I press down the gas pedal and crank the engine it starts right up. I am glad I am able to drive my car even though there is something wrong, but I was hoping somebody else has had the same problem and could help me out. In my opinion it sounds like clogged injectors. What do you think?

Gary! 01-18-2001 03:28 PM

I have the same problem, but I haven't solve it out yet, I supprose is the ignition system...

Are there any things goes wrong in the your ignition system?? spark plug, coil????

jeffsr 01-18-2001 05:07 PM

Your cold start valve (injector) is probably malfunctioning.
What car??

Tom16v 01-18-2001 05:46 PM

I have a 1987 190E 2.3-16. Where is this cold start valve located and how much would the part cost? It doesn't sound like it is a hard part to replace. Is it hard?

Dan16V 01-18-2001 06:23 PM

Hi Tom,

I also have an 87 190E-16V. The cold start valve is located between the 2nd and 3rd intake runners, on the throttle-body side of the idle valve / junction. You'll see what I mean. It's easy to change, but I'd check to see if the correct Voltage/Current is arriving at the cold start valve before you buy a new one. Sorry, but I'm not sure what the correct values are supposed to be. You might want to buy the service CD-ROM as it has lots of cool info, including a complete troubleshooting guide for the fuel management system.

Hope this helps,


87 190E-16V Blk/Blk 5Spd.

Gary! 01-19-2001 11:58 PM

ok, but how about the 92' 300E??

jeffsr 01-20-2001 11:51 AM

Cold start valve location
Gary, it is located between the front three intake manifold runners and the rear three. Looks like a fuel injector (which it is). Sits on a little mini manifold of it's own, (actually kinda cute!)

stevebfl 01-20-2001 12:22 PM

Not to put down cold start valves, but in over twenty-five years working around mostly MB German cars, I have seen maybe three cold start valves causing problems. All of those were leaks and had nothing to do with cold starting.

But I do live in Florida. Cold start valves don't operate ever above 59 deg F. so cold is relative. A cold motor does not necessarily ever see cold start valve operation. In Florida it may never see cold start valve operation.

Its very likely that the valve plays a big part when real cold, I can't say, but usually cold start problems are due to other system weaknesses. Poor plugs, bad mixtures, weak wires. Testing always is the answer.

Tinker 01-21-2001 02:16 PM

Why not just unplug the connection to see if it makes a difference. If it is leaking, which Steve indicates is rare, it should be easily visible once removed.


s60 01-22-2001 05:02 AM

I solved my problem by changing spark plugs. Had the rotor and cap changed previously also, but no luch with that. It starts up right away, warm or cold. Before, it would start up warm right away, but not cold.

tryingstar 01-22-2001 09:16 AM

Cold start valves are an expensive (~180), unreturnable electrical part and a last choice for possible replacement. Try your fuel filter.

tryingstar 04-02-2001 11:25 AM

A new OVP relay solved my cold start problem. Now it starts w/o using the gas pedal, on the first time and w/o a long crank time. Old OVP relay did not have a blown fuse, new relay has two fuses.

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