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emilo 04-19-2001 04:47 AM

I'm thinking of trying a pair of 50W back-up bulbs. Has anyone tried these? If someone have any issues with them regarding heat or cable capability, I would be happy to hear your comments!

David C Klasse 04-19-2001 05:12 AM

Are they brighter? I have always wanted brighter REVERSE bulbs, that would improve vision a vast amount, especially with my tinted windows!

speedy300Dturbo 04-19-2001 05:14 AM

Just one question. Why?

If you're concerned about visibility when backing up, buy a fog light and hard wire it in with the backup lights. 50W backup bulbs in the stock tail lights run the risk of melting the housing, connectors, etc.

emilo 04-19-2001 05:36 AM

David C Klasse
Thanks for your quick reply. I found a link that shows the difference. (So sorry that it's a Volvo-site but I guess God will forgive you if you don't bookmark it)

The reason why I want to try the higher wattage bulb is, as you guessed, to increase visibility when backing up. However - I don't want to mount a hard wired "Hella 2000 Jumbo" at the back of my SL. Thought this could be a good solution!? When increasing the wattage from 21 watts to 50 watts the current will increase from 1,75 A to 4,1 A. I don't know how exaggerated the cables are and if they put up with this current. (The reverse light isn't switched on for very long each time)

MBenzNL 04-19-2001 06:31 PM


The wires that run to the taillights are very thin, I doubt whether they can cope with the increased load! I think that there is a big risk in melting down your wire harness before the bulb will even melt down the lenses of the taillights.
I don't know how the plastic rear window in your soft top is, but mine is completely blind. I normally push the brake a little to get more light behind me when I am reversing...that helps as well.

The link you provided us with, mentions something about increased heat and that line is written in red...beware!


emilo 04-20-2001 05:02 AM

Thank you all for your comments.

So I bought the new bulbs and installed them yesterday. So far so good! I will keep you all posted. I can tell you - They are bright!

It was dark yesterday when I installed the bulbs so I didn't notice the cables going to the tail lights. Are they visible or easy to access so that I can check them every now and then at the beginning to see if there are any visible signs of heat at the wire harness?? Do you know what area the cables have??

David C Klasse 04-20-2001 05:20 AM

Definitly keep my posted, I am curious. I might want to do this to my car. Maybe I could start off at a small wattage higher, just to be safe? What is the standard wattage of the bulbs?

emilo 04-20-2001 05:42 AM

My cousin also installed the 50W-bulbs yesterday. He put a post in a Volvo-forum, similar to this, and got a reply from a guy who has used the 50W-bulbs for half a year without any problem.;fi=1

David C Klasse

I don't know what wattages that is available. There was a website-address in the package of the bulbs. Maybe you could try their homepage to find out what wattages they produce. When thinking of it the bulb is just a standard H(x)-bulb and the acctual "invention" is like a converting sockel making the H(x) bulb fit in the position for the back-up-bulb so I guess that means you could buy any aftermarked H-bulb to put in the sockel.

s60 04-20-2001 06:00 AM

Never had any problems except one. It occasionally blows the fuse which, also shares with my a/c. Have used them on 2 of my Mercedes, Lexus, and Nissan. There is definitely a noticeable difference and helps ain visibility.

Ockman 04-20-2001 08:47 AM

I installed the 50 watt bulbs in both of my Benzs as soon as I purchased them. The main reason is the windows are tinted (I live in FL) and it really helps with backing at night. My ML is 3 years old and I've never experienced any problems. I highly recommend them.

MBenzNL 04-22-2001 11:07 AM


Originally posted by emilo
Do you know what area the cables have??

The wires to the reversing lights normally are 0,75mm2
The wires are held together by a thule or by isolation tape, so it will be difficult to see whether the wire will or will not melt.
According to the last couple of posts, there is nothing to be worried about...

good luck & greetingz,

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