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robaincltnc 05-08-2001 07:59 AM

The 300sel that we just purchased five days ago for a great price has now crud in the transmission pan. The tech says it needs to be rebuilt to the tune of 1800. What causes a transmission to go in this car. The car only has 140k miles on this a normal phenomenon or did the previous driver ruin it somehow?
About the price...with the tranny $, we paid roughly 10k for the car and retail was around 12 so i am not too terrible upset.

LarryBible 05-08-2001 09:50 AM

From your post, I expect that you did not get service records with this car. I expect that the transmission fluid and filter was not changed regularly.

Does the transmission work okay? If it works okay, change fluid and filter, drive it and change it again in about 5,000 miles, then go onto the schedule below. If the transmission doesn't work okay, then you must rebuild it. Don't let anyone sell you a new transmission JUST BECAUSE there's crud in the pan of the old one. That could be a scam.

Once you get the transmission replaced drain the fluid from the pan AND the torque converter every 15,000 miles and replace the filter in the AT pan every other time. Do this and your new transmission will last virtually forever.

Good luck,

robaincltnc 05-08-2001 10:05 AM

Thank you for the reply about the AT. The car has/had intermittant problems with the tranny. It would get stuck in 2nd gear(35-40mph turning 400rpm)...sometimes it would kick to next gear but then kick back to 2nd time from 2nd it went to neutral(no power whatsoever) then went back to 2nd. The tech working on it originally thought that it was a linkage problem..until he looked at the car. The linkage was his first comment after I described what was going on...
From what I have told you, please tell me this wasn't a scam..for the car will be ready, with rebuilt tranny, today.

Johnson Chan 05-08-2001 12:53 PM

I have to agree with LarryBible.

You should change the fluid and filter and just drive it some more.

I have heard and experienced people trying to do this. Just because there is some "stuff" in your tranny does NOT mean you have to rebuilt it! If it dont drive, well thats differnt.

Change the fluid and filter and cross your fingers.

I had a tranny rebuilt, torque converter, and flex disk from MB dealership using MB parts, parts plus labor was $4000.00. 2 year/24,000 miles warrenty.

The reason why it went out so fast, well losts of reasons, lack of maintence (changing filter and fluid), driving the car when low on tranny fluid, towing or other "severe driving conditions", etc.

robaincltnc 05-09-2001 09:04 AM

Thanks for the replies. The car will be ready today with a rebuilt tranny. I wish that I tried the cheaper alternative first but what is done is done. Hopefully no more problems for another 100k.

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