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Ryan M. 06-11-2001 12:32 PM

OBVIOUSLY, a new MB owner here. I picked up a 1993 300E 2.8 last week. Love it, and want to do all the maintenance points - not sure when the previous owner did them.

I'm TRYING to change the oil (my pride makes me hesitate at this point, as I've worked on Fords, Fiats/Lancias, Volvos, and even older Mercedes before, but...), but I can't find the oil filter housing. I thought I had it located until I peeked at the DIY section on this site.

On the exhaust manifold side of my engine, space is pretty tight, but I can only assume it has to be there somewhere - under the alternator? I pulled off the bottom engine cover (the Topsider suddenly became quite appealing) to get access to the oil pan and have a look, but I still had no luck.

Fuel filter's next - IF I can FIND it....

Thanks in advance for answering my embarassing question.

By the by, GREAT SITE. I've been looking for a site like this from the day I picked up the car.

Glen 06-11-2001 12:51 PM

Actually, it's on the intake side at the firewall.

yal 06-11-2001 01:23 PM

Fuel filter is underneath the car next to the fuel pump. There should be an access panel underneath just forward of the rear right wheels. Hope this helps.

G-Benz 06-12-2001 12:30 PM

If you were looking for a big orange FRAM filter-like part, that might be why it's hard to find. That got me too, until I got my hands on a manual.

Peek over the back of the intakes by the firewall as posted earlier.

It sits right side up and is black. It's smaller than a typical oil filter. Unscrew it and the filter element is inside.

David C Klasse 06-12-2001 06:45 PM

Alright, when you open the hood and are looking at the engine, it's at the end of the engine, farthest back, between the firewall and the engine. It's a black round housing that you unscrew, then the old filter snaps out of it, and the new one snaps in. I haven't ever needed the wrench. Space is kind of tight, but not that bad. Good luck.

Ryan M. 06-14-2001 06:33 PM

thanks gents
This is a terrific site - already tons of useful information gained. Thanks so much for your help - oil and fuel filter have been successfully changed, air filter replaced. Fuel and air filters were a mess, and the rough idle that was present at purchase is now down to simply a low idle - I'll try to work on that next. I'll rotate the tires tonight, then take it on a long distance trip to Florida for a vacation tomorrow. Can't wait.

Glen 06-14-2001 06:37 PM

Enjoy your vacation
And have a safe trip!

dwight hinton 06-15-2001 12:05 AM

You guys are killing me. Someone please tell Ryan to simply remove the air cleaner housing...3 bolts?... and then the oil filter is easy to access...Also, you may want to make a small cutout in the lower plastic panel beneath the car so that you can drain the oil without having to remove the lower dust panel. Some will contend that you should never modify anything...while there is some validity to what they say... this is a minor mod for great convenience for the DIY's.


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