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georgehifi 06-22-2001 03:32 AM

I thought it was a binding caliper, i put a caliper kit in but still the sound persists, sound like the backing plate scratching on the disk every rotation, but it`s not this either, this may help someone give me the answer, on de-acceleration or coasting the sounds there, on acceleration it stops, it souns too scratchy to be rear wheel bearing and not crunchy enough to be c.v. joint. does this give any one any ideas, help please it`s driving me nuts and seems to be getting worse.

be459 06-22-2001 03:37 AM

It may be the rear brake shoe for the parking brake. When the sound occurs, apply the parking brake slightly to see if the sound changes.


LarryBible 06-22-2001 07:27 AM

The parking brake is indeed a possibility. Another possibility is 123 pads in the calipers. The 123 pads will fit in the calipers but are square at the inner most edge, rather than radiused, this would cause them to drag on the rotor.

Just a thought, and something to check.

Good luck,

georgehifi 06-23-2001 03:56 AM

Still no go after taking off the wheel for the millionth time, started the car put it in drive no sound it only happens on coast or de acceleration when the wheel is loaded by the cars weight, but i did notice ever so slight bend in that shaft while it was spining on the stands can any one say that this can cause the noise, my understanding is that the c.v. joint should cancel out any slight wobble from this shaft, can someone comment on this, the other side is 100% true, this side can JUST seen while it`s spinning.

ejsharp 06-23-2001 10:19 PM

I second the parking brake suggestion. Did you have a look at them yet?

georgehifi 06-25-2001 04:11 AM

Can any one back up my thoughts on what i`ve found. i bought the car a month ago it had a near bald tyre on the side that is now making the noise the other three tyres were 80% good, now to what i`ve found, that rear wheel that has the noise and the bald tyre and the binding caliper has also got about 20mm toe-in, it should have been 0mm or at worst 1mm toe in. Now here`s my question, with a binding caliper making things hot and also 20mm of toe-in both must have been puting in my mind a hell of a lot of strain and heat on the wheel bearing, is this enough to cook the bearing? also does anyone know if it`s possible to change the bearing using a press and the usual tools instead of being charged an arm and a leg by MB to do it for you, they want $1000.00AUS (5hrs labour and $250 for the bearing)

be459 06-25-2001 05:35 AM

If there is evidence of binding caliper, you should get it fix first regardless the noise. But what make you think you have a blinding caliper? I do not see the relationship between a blinding caliper and a bald tire.


Crowe 06-25-2001 11:43 AM

I just had a lot of rear suspension work done on my '88 300E including the replacement of the right rear wheel bearing. The total price was $1200 from an independent MBZ shop. In addition to having a loose rear end, I was experiencing a noise from the right rear like what you described. You should be able to have the work done by an independent for much less than quoted by the dealer. Check out the wheel bearing.

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