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Ben300SD 07-09-2001 10:16 PM

My 300D has been leaving little puddles of water under it for about a week now, and today I finally realized the source when my low washer fluid light came on. I filled the resevoir less than two weeks ago and have barely used it, but it was nearly empty.

I looked at the system from the top of the engine but everything I could see was dry. I would prefer to not have to drive the car up on ramps and remove the bottom panel to find the leak, but I will if I have to. Any suggestions on what to do or what to look for?

screedchan 07-10-2001 01:45 PM

On my 1994 E420, the problem was with the pumps which sit at the bottom of the washer fluid container. The pumps sit inside rubber gaskets which deteriorate with age. You might want to just replace the gaskets first, but in my case, the pumps were very old and brittle, so I ended up replacing it all. I think the pumps are about $15 each, while the gaskets are less than $1. The tricky part with my car was connecting the hoses to the pumps, since the hoses were also very hard and dried out. Just try to be patient and you should get there.

G-Benz 07-10-2001 02:38 PM

Unless your pumps have proven themselves unworthy (mine can still shoot washer fluid over to the rear window) just replace the gaskets.

The reservoir itself can be damaged, possibly due to age, or it was punctured or cracked while undergoing some prior servicing in that location.

Ben300SD 07-10-2001 07:29 PM

I think I will try to replace the gaskets tomorrow. Do I need to remove the washer resevoir to get to the motor?

SqueakyBrake 07-11-2001 11:19 AM

Washer pump
Though it is not the same model this might help others...

On my W126 I had the same problem but a little more severe. My pumps were rusted through due to the rotting of the rubber gaskets. Both pumps were in need of replacement, $37 later I removed the hoses, washer fluid level checker disconnected and pulled out the tank. Quite an easy job though I had blockage in my lines to the nozzles, headlights and windshield. Used an air tank to blow out the lines. Couldn't be happier, it was my first DIY'er for me.

And Keep On Driving!!!

JimF 07-11-2001 11:35 AM

. . . leaking from pump

had similar problem with my '94 E320 cpe. I thought it was the rubber seals but was one of the pumps leaking. A bit greenish scale around the inlet next to the hose is the sure sign of it leaking.

Also had a small crack in the reservoir where it mounts to the frame. So when filled past that point it would leak.

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