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rstaten1 09-17-2001 02:12 PM

75K C280 & $1000 Wiring Harness Help
My girlfriend's C280 went into the dealer this morning for a 75K service and was found to be in need of a new wiring harness for an extra $1000 ($750 parts & $250 labor).

What's up with this? 75K is too soon for this kind of problem. What is this "Goodwill Program" that I see postings on?


mbdoc 09-17-2001 06:52 PM

The "Dealer" should be able to **Goodwill** waranty the harness! If the car is a 1995 the harness lists for $650. & takes 2.5 to 3.0 hrs to install. If its a 1994 the harness lists for $565 & the install time is the same!

rstaten1 09-17-2001 07:11 PM

Ill-fated wiring harness
Thanks for the words of support. I have checked with all 3 metro dealers and the results are:

1) We'll fix it.
2) It depends - we have to inspect it first & get factory approval, then we might or might not do the repair.
3) Why did you call the other 2 dealers? We were waiting for you to ask us after we told you it cost $1000, but it will still need to go up the chain of command.

I am now wondering if she should have gotten the 528i instead of the C280?

mic280 09-17-2001 07:45 PM

I experienced what you are encountering right now.
Just to find out what's wrong with my C280 they told me that the computer is spitting out different info. so they need to replaced the wiring harness w/c cost me $685 + $590 labor.
Later found out that one of my ignition coil is bad w/c cost $130. You what the dealer told me?
They did'nt charge me to install my new ignition coil. Sounded like I still owe them one after I paid them $1400!! Not even a car wash and initially they won't look at it at all. They wanted me to wait for 3 weeks for an appointment.
Customer service as they call it... :mad:

rstaten1 09-18-2001 12:34 PM

M-B Wiring Harness Goodwill Help
I'd like to thank this forum for the info & support on this program. I have just learned that this $1000 repair will be covered after all, and I will not be shopping for a BMW after all. This definitely restores my faith in the #1 brand of automobiles, and see this as a statement of their commitment level to their owners.

rstaten1 09-18-2001 04:13 PM

MB vs. BMW
I'd agree with your comment on the lack of a secret warranty available from BMW - at least for 3 series owners. Myself, I have had both a M-B 190E2.6 & a BMW 325e. They were fairly comparable, but my next car was a 325iS. I chose it for the sportiness, and M-B had nothing like it at the time. But now I see a certain CLK that I really want ...and my Bimmer is in the shop right now with a fuel leak.

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