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milterino 11-07-2008 06:03 PM

91 300 SE Where to lift.
I have a 91 300 SE (126 body) that I have just bought. I have not been able to locate the repair manual C.D.s as yet. My question is where are you supposed to support the car when raising it on a lift? Underneath there are 4 nubs with a rubber covering which it looks like someone has used to lift it. The body under the two front ones has crushed from the pressure. On my 71 450sel I use the unibody rail in front and back. This 126 has a couple of spots in front which are adequate but no obvious locations in the rear. How do I do it? Milterino.

Mercedes Guy 11-08-2008 11:07 PM

Yes, the round rubber pads are where you put a lift to raise the car. The front pads are just behind the front tires and the rear pads are right in front of the rear tires.

Michael Pillay 11-10-2008 07:35 AM

I will tell you how I do it, but proceed at your own risk.

I use the factory jack and lift it up. As soon as I can, I put a jack stand under the hockey puck/rubber thing. Like I said, at your own risk!

tinypanzer 11-10-2008 08:42 PM

If the lifting bumpers are missing (as they often are) you can lift in the same spot, just be careful not to pinch the fender molding with the jack. You can crack it.

milterino 11-10-2008 11:20 PM

91 300SE Where to lift
Thanks for your replies. I feel better about my assumption on the lifting points. The body under the two front bumpers has collapsed, why I don't know. I am using the unibody frame at the point where it curves up for my front lifting points. The 2 rear bumpers seem allright. Milt.

S-Class Guru 11-11-2008 12:37 PM

Yes, the rubber doodads are the official lift points. You can use the frame members in the front and the rear subframe arms to lift or support the car, but these can and will bend if you are not careful. I use a hockey puck over the jack pad or the stand, and never position it in the center of the frame member, but move it to one side so it distributes more load on the vertical portion of the frame or subframe. The big vertical subframe bushing bolts on the front or rear can be used also, These are pretty beefy.


milterino 11-11-2008 03:47 PM

91 300 SE Where to lift.
All good information, thanks. I can't comprehend how the the body could crush up the way it has over those 2 front bumpers. Wonder if perhaps a strengthening section was left out during the body assembly. Milt.

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