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raj 10-19-2001 09:06 PM

Fuel Leak on '91 W126/560SEL
I have quite a puzzling fuel leak in my '91 560SEL and was hoping to get some input from the group.

Very occasionally (and I am pretty sure only on hot days) the car drips fuel from the the rear bottom corner of the driver side wheel well. There are a couple of hoses there which I don't think are fuel related but the fuel seems to be dripping from around them. This happens mostly when the car is parked and not running! (Sometimes there is a small puddle of fuel on the ground come back to the parked car). I have not seen this happen when the car is running but have occasionally I have smelt fuel inside the car so cant be fully sure.

I did get the car checked out by a dealer for fuel leaks and about the smell of fuel and they found nothing! Before I take it to some other shop I was hoping for some feedback. Any thoughts on what could be going on? Thx.

Rgds, Raj

vrsmith 10-19-2001 09:19 PM

I had this exact problem today. I think that I overfilled the tank and it was parked in a sunny area. Gasoline expands a little when warmed. The fuel seems to have leaked from a drain tube attached to the filler pipe. Is your car right hand drive? Mine leaks from the right rear wheel well. Keep the fuel level lower and you likely won't have a problem.

raj 10-21-2001 11:10 PM

My car is a US model (Left hand drive) and the leak is on the left side wheel well (driver side) of the car. I have seen this leak a few times now and it seems more likely to happen when the tank is full but has happened at other times aswell.

Rgds, Raj

vinamg 10-21-2001 11:55 PM

Two things to check.

The return fuel line is on the left side of the gas tank. Jack up the car a inspect bottom left corner of gas tank. There should be a white purge valve as well, check all the connections for leaks.

The other possibility is that you have a leak from the inside of the car. Can you smell any gas in the trunk? If so, remove the panels and inspect the gas tank.


MikeTangas 10-22-2001 01:13 AM

Is the fuel pump behind the left rear wheel on this model? It is on many of the models, and could be a leak from the pump or any of the fuel lines going to/from the pump.

dpetryk 10-22-2001 10:58 AM

Ok im confused. Everyone responded like the drip is located near the rear fender. But it could be the front fender because there are several fuel related connections in that area. First the fuel tank vapor canister is located inside the fender just in front of the drivers door hinges. Second the fuel tank vent system has a control valve located near the ignition unit and third there is a return fuel heat exchanger nearby. All these lines have the potential to leak fuel. As I remember the only opportunity to leak fuel near the rear left fender is the aforementioned vent check valve and the hoses associated with it. So where is the fuel dripping exactly ??

dpetryk 10-22-2001 10:59 AM

Oh yea -- BTW the fuel pumps are located near the right rear wheel.

vinamg 10-22-2001 11:39 AM


I totally agree with everything that you said. Raj should clarify the location of the leak. I was thrown off by "rear bottom corner of the driver side wheel well" which could be rear of car or rear of well.


raj 10-25-2001 01:23 AM

Sorry for the confusion. Its the front left (driver side) wheel well.

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