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Brian300E 01-11-2002 11:26 PM

Best clear bulb for clear indicators??
Hi all. I only found one previous post about this, with not too much information. What type of bulb did Mercedes originally use for their clear Euro front side indicators?? Also, does anybody have any suggestions for a good clear bulb (i.e Sylvania)? Thanks in advance.


Brian300E 01-12-2002 02:50 AM

Thanks Hristo -

I'm looking for a bulb that will glow clear when my lights are on (I have a w124), as bright as my lights if possible, and flash clear when I use my blinker. Does anybody know about these types of bulbs? Also, what size bulb does Mercedes use in the side markers?


longston 01-12-2002 01:56 PM

Custom Or Euro Isn't Always Best...
First, all light bulb numbers for your car are located in your owner's manual. Second, most if not all lamps used in Mercedes' are Osram Sylvania. What Mercedes used in their European products may not be applicable to your car.

The correct bulb number for any car is available from the Sylvania Website using the automotive bulb locater at

Your 1987 300E uses a # 7528 dual filiment lamp for front parking and turn signal lights.

Incidentally, you can't have a bulb as bright as your headlamps, because having a lamp in this application exceeding a brightness of 5 candlepower is illegal in California. I personally hate white/clear front parking lamps and turn signals and think they should also be illegal...

-fad 01-12-2002 02:16 PM

another idea for you is to just pull the orange bulb currently OEM and match it up at an auto parts store or super jap shop if you want the clear super white ones

keep in mind that a super higher wattage bulb may melt the more delicate plastic/rubber bulb socket componenets or wiring


Car Nut 01-12-2002 04:59 PM

I replaced both front side marker bulbs 99 E430 while I was in Canada. I took the burned out bulb W5W and I went to Canaian Tire to find a replacement. I couldn't find any bulb in W5W. I found a few bulbs that were similar in shapes and size. So I went to MB Canada at Markham, the parts department sold me a couple #168 bulbs. When I showed him the OEM W5W, he said that #168 would fit. I plugged it in and it worked.

After the Canada trip, I went back to Boston Wal-mart and checked out the bulbs. I found the GE W5W $4.50+ and GE 168 $2.00. If I didn't know that those 2 equivalent, I would opt for the expensive W5W.

As far as the owner's manual, it only shows the candle power of various bulbs. It doesn't list the Bulb #. There are too many variation among the manufacturers. When in doubt, always take the burned out bulb and match it at the stores.

Car Nut
99 E430 Sport

Brian300E 01-12-2002 05:33 PM

Thanks for all the responses. I know it is illegal to have clear side markers/bulbs in California, but I like the look and am willing to suffer the consequences if I am caught. I was looking at buying the bulbs, but I'm not sure about the size of my bulb (as Car Nut wrote, the # is not stated in the owners manual, I checked that first). I'll email the company to find out if it will fit my car. My only other option will be to go to a rice burner store and buy an overwattage bulb, but I am hoping to keep things stock as to not overtax my electrical system. Thanks to everybody for all the help.


ebennz 01-12-2002 07:43 PM

clear turn signal bulbs
hi brian300e

if you find a STANDARD output clear bulb i think it's very unlikely you will ever be bothered.

if you get some overwattage thing, you're asking to get hassled.

i've had clear turn signal bulbs in my benz for about 8 months, i've not been hassled, ever.

i think it's a cool look.

i even changed all the turn-signal/parking light bulbs in my explorer, from amber/orange to CLEAR.
it looks like i have "city lights".

try it, it's your car


Brian300E 01-12-2002 07:53 PM

Peter -

I love the look of your car. I don't have the euro lights, but like you said, the clear side markers always being on (when the lights are turned on) looks sweet. Where did you buy a standard output clear bulb? When I changed the marker covers from orange to clear, my original bulb was also clear so I just left it. The thing I don't like is that it displays a dull clear color, almost yellowish when the lights are turned on. It is brighter when I activate the blinker, and I wish that this brightness would be produced when the lights are turned on and merely flash when I use the blinker. I hope I'm making some sense :) Let me know what type of bulb you are using. Thanks.


ebennz 01-12-2002 09:51 PM

hey brian

any bulb will flash brighter. i don' think there's any way around that.

i just bought my clear bulbs at k-mart [ definetly k-mart ].

i don't remember the number. you should be able to get the number at any auto parts store. if you would spec bulb for a '92 300e, [since it had orange covers] chances are it would be clear any way.

i'd just go to k-mart, wal-mart, auto parts store to get them.
it does need to be a dual filament bulb.


longston 01-12-2002 11:57 PM

Why Go To The Trouble To Provide Accurate Information...
When people don't take the time to read it?

First, I gave you the bulb number. It's a #7528, or usually at places like Wal-Mart, it'll be called an #1157. You see, the 7528 is an Osram bulb number, but 1157 is what is called a trade number. These bulbs fit both the '87 and '92 300E's as a front parking lamp/turn signal bulb.

Usually anything ending in "A" is an amber bulb, otherwise, it's clear. I'm sorry if Mercedes dropped the ball after 1982, but my owner's manual actually lists the bulb numbers for everything on my car...

Next, I never said that "it is illegal to have clear side markers/bulbs in California". I said that it is illegal to exceed 5W for the parking lamp part of a dual filiment bulb on your car in California. Unfortunately, clear parking lamp/turn signals are allowed in the CVC.

The turn signal filiment in a dual filiment bulb is brighter by design so that people will be able to differentiate between it and the parking lamp.

The thing is, despite those of you who think otherwise, it isn't so cool for an oncoming motorist to have to look at more white light coming from your car. I like to see an amber markerlamp/turn signal so I know what the other driver is doing for sure, and so I can retain my night vision as much as possible...

And finally, at the risk of screwing myself, there are blue coated bulbs on the market (usually at over $15 each) that present a whiter color frequency (due to the blue filter taking out the "yellow" from the bulb), but I think they suck even more than simple clear lenses with white bulbs.

I believe that upgrades to your "ride" should make sense from a performance or safety standpoint. Aestetics is too damn subjective to be valid in my book. For instance, I just bought and installed a new set of Xenon Plasma 9007 bulbs to replace the stock factory headlamps on my minivan. They illuminate the road better, and give my van an "updated" look. I would not have bought them just for "looks". If they didn't improve my night vision, there would have been no sale.

Before anyone decides on a lighting mod, I suggest they check with their DMV about legality and safety of doing so. As Peter pointed out, some higher wattage bulbs may melt wiring or bulb housings...:eek:

Brian300E 01-13-2002 03:34 AM

Thanks Scott for you both biased and unreasonable reply. Your response is not only spiteful and unhelpful, but shows you ignorance and incompetence of replying to a logical and otherwise meaningful post. Your brash response is neither needed nor wanted. To all others that are reading and responding to this post: thank you very much for your help. Scott's response to the legality of these sidelights provides no solution whatsoever, and his response to what is "cool" and what is not, does not add anything to this thread. I was asking a valid question, and I did not need personal comments based on personal bias interjected into this thread. Scott, your personal opinion and unsuspected "humor" is not needed in a thread asking for help. Your part number was quoted correctly, but part numbers vary from manufacturer. Therefor, your quick-to-judge comments have no place in this subject which is solely based on assistance and aid. To anyone else that can help me with my problem, regardless of the "legality" of the issue, I would be glad to hear from your. Thanks.


joel 01-13-2002 03:26 PM

chill out
ok guys, we do not want another nasty thread
going here!!

longston 01-13-2002 09:47 PM

Gee Brian, No Need To Be Weird...
Sorry, But you need to re-read the posts I made. Calm down, and try to show some appreciation when someone is trying to help you, even if you don't agree with EVERYTHING they say. Just because you don't read what you want to see, is no reason to lash out at someone. If you see something biased, unreasonable, spiteful and unhelpful about me providing rational and factual information, It's all in your interpretation, not in my intent.

As for the issue of legality, we are bound to not post advice on these forums that is illegal or leads someone to knowingly break the law. It's in the fine print of the agreement we all sign off on when we become members here. I am obligated to advise you of what's legal because I know better. You misinterpreted what I posted about the CVC, so I posted a correction. Then you responded with this display of your personal "maturity".

I gave you valid and unbiased information. Facts speak for themselves. My opinions are mine, and we are both entitled to disagree. We are all entitled to express our opinions on these forums. If anyone has a personal problem with an attempt of another member to provide help, then they should be mature enough to take it to email and see what the problem is. It might just be a simple misunderstanding.

Remember one thing, I never personally insulted you. Calling me ignorant, brash, and incompetent is both fatuous and asinine. You obviously don't know me very well at all, and you have no right to be insulting. Perhaps it would help if you were as eloquent in expressing just what it is you need help with as you are in hurling insults? If you have to be rude, I simply will refrain from responding to your posts seeking help in the future. Your loss, not mine.

I think you are clearly out of line, and that you owe me an apology...

Ashman 01-13-2002 09:54 PM

If you want them to be very bright, you need to get those xenon gas bulbs like the hyperwhite overwatt headlight bulbs, but in a regular twin filament bulb.

The only ones I have seen are Not made in the U.S., and are not cheap either.

I believe they don't come in many different sizes etc. I have seen them at pep boys in the 1157 type which can work in the indicators of your car. I have used 1157 bulbs before in mine.

I recently just switched to full european, proper bulbs for my front and rear in clear. The fronts look dimmer than the headlights when off, but when both filaments are lit during the flashing, they get much brighter.

Justa thought, why not check some of the local rice rocket shops. they probably have them, or tey jcwhitney's site.


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