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pentoman 01-22-2002 04:50 PM

Finally I can get an answer..
Now that I've come across a universal MB forum, I can get an answer to that question which had been bugging me for months now... In the late '80's S-class predecessors, i.e. 300SE 500SEL etc etc, what is the arrow on the autobox in the '2' position? My 190E nor the various 300Es I've driven have this - what does it do?

Also, when you are stationary and shift into '2', does this lock your car into *1st* gear, and won't change unless you hit the redline? 190s do, I think because they usually pull away in 2nd then shift down to 1st if you use lots of throttle, but it's not good for a quick getaway because of slight delay. By putting it in '2' you get a 'guaranteed' 1st gear if you like. This happens only if stationary, otherwise 2 just works like 3 in limiting you to anything below 2 / 3.



1991 560 SEC 01-22-2002 05:11 PM

Hi Russ,
Moving the shifter in the direction of the arrow or 2B is the only way to get first gear in the stock configuration.


David C Klasse 01-22-2002 05:37 PM

The B is for 1st gear, basically. Only the higher line Mercedes had those.
The way your trans works is all normal. Putting into 2 at a stop will put it into first. Unless kickdown is activated (or 2 at the stop), car will start in 2nd gear.
It will shift out of 1st into 2nd, but not out of 2nd (if still in 2)... it will hit the rev limiter (not fun! I did this accidently once!!).
Also, if you are in 2 (but driving slowly in 1st gear), and you activate kickdown, then the car will be in 1st gear until redline or until the shifter is moved.

pentoman 01-22-2002 08:50 PM

Ahhh.. thanks ;-)

For those of us without high-end models:
My, and a few other early 190 owners' cars, do definitely stick in 1st gear when you're in '2', without using kickdown or anything.. in fact you can drive at constant 5500 rpm if you want.. anything higher and it then changes up to second.

Must be unique to 190s? I've had a tranny replacement and they both did it



David C Klasse 01-22-2002 09:12 PM

No, all Mercedes with only the 2 (not sure about the B) do this. It wasn't until the 722.6 (5 spd auto) where it changed. Otherwise, to my knowledge, all older models worked like this. On the newer ones, it will hit the rev limiter in all gears... but they do have a 1.

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