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Benzima 03-25-2002 06:22 PM

Oil changes / intervals: Recommendations
Sorry for so many questions. I've asked these in another forum and I haven't been getting too many responses, so I've been posting them here. I've had my car for about a month so I'm starting to see it's problems and I'm trying to identify and correct them a.s.a.p.

I've spent the last 4 days reading many posts about recommended oil types and changing intervals. Unfortunatly most of the posts I've read are in reference to E-Class and C-Class Mercedes. Since the S-Class are so much larger, I would imagine whats great for the E and C Classes may not be so great for my S-Class.

My driving habits? I baby my Benz. No hard cornering, no rapid accelleration except for getting on the freeway, no hard braking and I try to only take it out for long freeway trips of 50 miles or more. My wife, unfortunatly, often takes it for short trips to school and to the store.

I live in Southern California where temps are rarely below 40. I travel to Las Vegas about 4-6 times per year.

From what I've read, Mobil 1 Tri Syn seems to be very popular. Does 20W 50W seem right for me. I'd like to stay on top of things but I'm no oil changing maniac. I plan to change the oil every 5k miles.

I have also considered trying fuel injectors additives like Redline but the owners manual says any additive may mess up your car. Are fuel injector cleaners safe. How about octane boost? All gas stations in my area are 91 Octane, the minimum. I can't find any stations that are 92 or 93, if they even exist in my area.

Thanxxx in advance for any input.

savagetom 03-25-2002 06:36 PM

I think 20W-50 is a little heavy. I will probably cause no harm but your gas mileage will suffer a little. I personally think 5W-40 is best but that is hard to find in a synthetic. Mobil makes Delvac-1 in 5W-40 but markets it only as a diesel engine oil. It will work fine in our gas engines but you can only find it at truck stops or Mobil distributors. Allegedly Mobil is making a special 0W-40 that is available only at Mercedes dealers for big dollars.

I take the following approach. I the winter I use 5W-30 Mobil 1. It the summer I use 5 quarts of 5W-30 and 2.5 quarts of 20W-50 - all Mobil1 synthetic. YMMV. It'll end up around 10W-40.

Behind the Star 03-25-2002 08:15 PM

I recommend using Mobil 1 15w50.
I also recommend that you do an "in between" oil change at about 6000 miles.The FFS will have you change it about every 12,000,but I've seen some pretty ugly low mileage (45000)
engines that were serviced by FSS intervals.
You should also rotate tires about every 5000miles.
If it has'nt been done by the first "A" service,Its probably too late.

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