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rookie626 11-19-2014 01:38 PM

Vacuum leak!
I have a 1995 Mercedes E320 I took it to the mechanic and he said it has a vacuum leak from the intake to the engine, he said he is still checking it out. He put the smopke machine on it and there was smoke coming out of the oil dip stick tube. In fact you could hear bubbling in there. I'm just curious after detecting a leak from the intake to the engine what is the next step? is he going to have to take the heads out? replace the intake gaskets??

JamesDean 11-19-2014 01:45 PM

Likely not have to take the heads out. Probably take the intake manifold off and replace its gasket if that is the source of the leak. Or could be something along the intake. I'm not super famliar with the M104 so someone else might be in a better place to comment on what all is needing replaced.

On the M103 (M104's predecessor) there are a number of potential vacuum leak sources. There's the idle air system, the giant boot near the butterfly. Etc

rookie626 11-19-2014 02:24 PM

The cruise control is fine, I am curious on why there would be smoke coming out of the oil dipstick tube when he puts on the smoke machine?

JamesDean 11-19-2014 02:27 PM

I think we would have to know more about where the smoke machine is connect before we could answer that, what is it connected to?

Is there a lot of items smoke coming out the dipstick?

Dudesky 11-19-2014 02:30 PM

Blow by from the rings

pmckechnie 11-19-2014 04:25 PM

PCV system. The intake is connected to the crankcase through this system. I am not familiar with the 104 either, but every engine made since the 60's has this system. It needs to be disconnected and pluged.


rookie626 11-19-2014 05:37 PM

The smoke machine was connected to the air filter tube to the intake. The initial problem was that the RPM's go up and down when the car is in idle. smoke also comes out from the engine when you take off the engine oil cap

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