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Marco 04-23-1999 08:57 PM

Hello Folks,

My 99' E320 is now at 5000 miles. I believe from what I read I don't need an oil change until the disply shows ( approx 10,000 miles ). However, that's kind of long from my experience. Do you think I should do the oil change now ( since it's a new car ), and then again at 10,000?

Thanks for help,

Happy Cruzing...

-Opera Design Silver E320 99"
-245/275 P-Zero 19"

Lee Scheeler 04-23-1999 09:10 PM

We see this same question alot. Changing the oil based on the computer's display will keep the warranty and should be fine for your car. Doing the change at 5K miles certainly wont hurt(especially the 1st oil change), and if it will ease your mind significantly then it is a good idea. If it were my car I would likely change the oil on a more conventional schedule. I've seen engines with over 100K miles on them that have had 3K oil changes look as clean or cleaner than similar engines with 30K on them that have been maintained by the conventional MB books. (7500 mile changes) Draw your own conclusions and do what you feel is best.


Benzmac 04-23-1999 10:25 PM

I feel that one inbetween oil change at about 5K is good. I would do this for the life of the car.


Marco 04-24-1999 01:39 PM

Thanks folks,

I guess my car's getting an oil change. =)
It's better now than later...

Another question, do you folks suggest dropping the K&N cone and how's that in effect with the warranty?

Happy Cruzing...

-Opera Design Silver E320 99"
-245/275 P-Zero 19"

Lee Scheeler 04-24-1999 03:08 PM

K&N's are another thing where you get mixed reviews. Some say they don't filter ultra fine particulate as well as they should. Even if they are totally benign, the most gain you will get will be 5HP or so. I'm not sure that small an amount is worth swapping out of stock. Performance and longevity is probably better served by keeping a OEM filter element in but changing it twice as often. You will get a bit more intake noise so if it is a sportier "sound" your after then the K&N will suffice. I would certainly avoid those "cones" that go underhood. They take in too much hot air from underhood and actually reduce power by about 3-5%. The stock airbox works well enough. (I guarantee that the MB engineers had a bigger budget to design the intake than K&N did) The only redesign I would consider would be engineering the newer V8 "twin-tube" design off the CLK430, S500, etc onto the V6. Not the single plenum from the E430 but the twin tube as seen on the W124 V8's, and the models mentioned above. *See MBshop reviews* The bigger volume OEM airbox for the V8's (in twin-tube dress) would likely maximize breathing potential without being a hazard.

Just a thought...Lee

olc 04-26-1999 04:27 AM

I just got a E320 and also have some questons about oil and oil changes. I have been using Mobil One 0W-30 in my other cars. Any reason not to continue this in the E320? With synthetics, one should be able to use the MB 10,000 mile markers, no?

Lee Scheeler 04-26-1999 07:11 AM

First off, I will try to avoid the "synthetics vs conventional" squabble. Oil still gets dirty or contaminated be it synthetic or conventional. It has been my experience and belief that how often you change is more important than what you change with. In other words, I would take 3K changes of conventional 15w40 to 10K or 15K changes of Mobil 1. If you like the synthetic you were running then it shouldn't hurt anything. Especially if you do alot of sub-freezing cold starts. The oil indicator specified changes should be followed, but if I intended on keeping a car past 100K I might consider more frequent changes than 10K intervals. IF it is a leased car...just follow the computer's schedule. See your owners manual for specific weight recommendations whichever path you choose. Oh, almost equally important in my opinion. Try to take it easy during the first few thousand miles of your car's life. Proper break-in seems to be really have an affect on the longevity of a car. You hear various things but I seem to remember the saying "don't exceed 4000rpm for 4K miles". Also taking it easy until the engine is warmed up seems to prolong its lifespan.


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