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ericzacha 05-02-2018 05:17 PM

No start, wipers always on
Well, Iíve searched the web and this site to the best of my googling abilities to no avail. I have an M103 1988 W126 300 SEL. Initially, I thought I had a battery going bad because the car wouldnít turn over, or even make a sound when I first turn the key. If I charged it, it started up just fine. Now, Iím realizing that if I just hold the key a little bit longer, the car will eventually start. The odd thing is this is intermittent. And when I have trouble starting the windshield wipers always turn on, even when they are fully turned off on the stalk. Usually, if I turn off the car and restart, it will restart but the windshield wipers will be off now. On the occasions when the windshield wipers donít come off in unison with an attempted start I have no difficulty starting it. I have no idea where to even start looking. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Mxfrank 05-02-2018 06:48 PM

Grounds. The windshield wiper on most Benzs is behind the left headlight. The battery grounds directly to the body. A tie strap on the transmission bellhousing grounds the engine to the body. Clean up all of those, and I bet the problem clears.

Jim Anderson 05-03-2018 01:21 AM

There might be grounds under the dashboard too. All the switches would use it.

JimFreeh 05-03-2018 10:40 PM

The wipers may be trying to tell you something.....
I've noticed several occasions in my Benzes when I've had the wipers come on without using the switch.

Each time this has happened, it seems that I've also had a problem with low voltage.

Fix the low voltage issue (batt, alt, reg), and the wipers were back to normal.


ericzacha 05-10-2018 03:36 AM

Well, the ground was a good thought, and not one I would have come up with on my own. I pulled the ground strap completely off. Didnít have much corrosion as itís been a garaged California car most of its life. But I cleaned it all off, lightly sanded the connections to expose new metal and put it back on. Did the same to the wiper ground. I had high hopes, but it didnít turn out to be the problem. Still doing the same darn thing. When I first turn the key, literally nothing happens for about three seconds. Then it will slowly turn over, the wipers will come on, and the car will eventually start. I then turn it off, and restart and the wipers not only stop the second time, but it starts as if it has no problem, with no real hesitation. So strange. Iíll check the voltage regulator and alternator and battery next. I replaced the voltage regulator within the last 50,000 miles or so, so I doubt itís that. But maybe my alternator is failing on me. Iíll keep you posted. Thanks for all your thoughts.

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