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d2bernhard 09-04-2002 12:59 PM

Bridgestone RE950 >> Like or Dislike?
I have Bridgestone RE950's, 205/60/15, stock rims, on my '92 300TE. I like them a lot. I have them as well on a '80 VW PU -- stock GTI rims and size and like them there too. They have very impressive user ratings at the TireRack, including a very high 'would buy again' rating. Any opinions good or bad would be appreciated. Anyone have them on a 300E?

blackmercedes 09-04-2002 01:48 PM

My wife replaced the MXV4's on her 98 E300 with the RE950, and I was surprised at how much tire they were for a relatively low price. While only H-rated, they handled pretty good and were quiet and smooth. Rain performance was spectacular.

When the RE930's on my C230 are worn out, I'll replace them with RE950's or the newest equivalent.

peterhardie 09-04-2002 02:04 PM

just ordered some new shoes
I had planned to go with some Yokos, but apparently the dbs are experiencing some problems, and I was persuaded to go with the re950s. Lots of great reviews, and my wife (she drives the 124) wants quiet and good rain characteristics. The Tirerack folks were very helpful.

Found out I had too tall a tire on the 400, thanks to the PO--who wasn't fond of anything resembling maintenance or car care! I have Akuret tires on there now, which as best I can tell, me and one other member here have (and maybe two on all the other lists I read). I am overhauling my tires and bearings to troubleshoot some noise. Can't say the Akuret is a bad tire, I'll let folks know if the tires were all the problem or just part.

Tirerack recommends the Michelin MXV$, but I can't see spend 120 per tire with well-rated tires like the b-stone at less than 2/3's that. Nice to know others like these.

J.HIDALGO 09-04-2002 02:18 PM

I have them on my VW Jetta!
I like them. BIG difference from the stock Good Year.:D

carman850 09-04-2002 06:38 PM

I have them on my 92 400E, I use 215/60R15 on my stock 15 inch rims, like them a lot, dry handling and wet traction is outstanding, super quiet and smooth ride. They cost considerably less than equivalent Michelins, I'd recommend them.

peterhardie 09-04-2002 09:24 PM

thanks, carman
...for checking in. I am going with the 215-60's as well. How long have you had yours? I was worried about dry traction as well on a 400. My wife SAYS she hasn't chirped the tires, but I have, which made me nervous about the wet.

What do you do in the winter? I am thinking about Michelin Arctics. And sand bags!

d2bernhard 09-04-2002 11:13 PM

I use Dunlop Winter Sport M2, for one season so far. Excellent. I had trips to the mountains with plenty of snow and slush and ABS did not come on unless I tried to make it come on. I used same size as my summers, 205/60/15. The Dunnies only come one smaller, and that size does not have H rating. These tires did the absolute best in a German Car Mag's tests, Auto, Motor und Sport. Exceptional in snow, wet and dry. There may be better snows, but they all fell way off in wet and especially dry. The only better tire, rated by AM&S last year was the Dunnlop M3, which has very limited availability in the US and is very expensive. PS, TWO out of four of my Dunnies did not need weights to balance! (And this is not at some Ma and Pa tire shop.)

carman850 09-05-2002 12:00 AM

I had 215/60R15 RE950 on my 400E for half a year, 10K kms on them. Before this I had stock size Michelins as summer tires, I remember I could chirp those small tires even at 60 kmph.

I use 215/60 Arctic Alpines on 15 inch wheels in winter, I know narrower tires perform better in snow, but stock 195 tires are just too small for a V8 3600 lbs sedan. I felt dry road performance was more desperately needed than snow traction even in winter, so I went with 215. The wide Arctic Alpines performed acceptably in snow, but certainly 205s would do a little better.

haasman 09-05-2002 01:59 AM

I installed the Bridgestone RE950's on my '95 wagon and liked them so much I put them on the '91 300E.

I was originally all set to put on the $$$$$Michelins but my local tire dealer begged me to save money and try the RE950's.

Honestly I hesitated because the early versions of the Bridgestones were too soft (read Lexus here) and wore out quickly.

I was given a 30-day free test drive, with one cautionary note: I was told not to judge the tires until they had at least 400 miles on them and they had time to "set". From working at Porsche I knew this to be very true. Ten days later I bought them and another set for the 300E as well.

They are not quite as quiet as some tires, but very good. The additional properties that I like besides their high-performance qualities, SUPER rain pattern, strong side-walls, is that they don't loose their rain qualities with tire wear (at least up to a certain point, obviously).

Hope this helps.

(Buy 'em, you'll love 'em)


miktvk 09-05-2002 02:38 PM

I recommended these tires to a colleague for his '99 328i, he absolutely raves about them.

Can't wait for these retched Pirellis on our wagon to wear out (soon!) so I can get 215/55/16 950s on Mille Miglia rims.

We have 910s on our 328i and even they are quite remarkable for a low price tire. You made the right choice, far as I can see.

DTF 09-07-2002 09:03 PM

I think Bridgestones are really good tires period. I have Turanza on the '99 E300 TD and while they are good on dry pavement they excel in the rain. Prices of Bridgestone tires are usually reasonable too - not like Michelins which can be excessive. On the '94 wagon I run Sumitomo at ~$49 a piece. Excellent tire for the money.

peterhardie 09-08-2002 05:32 PM

Just spent a few days with the 950's. ALL the noise (low-speed, high-speed) is gone. I have to blame the off-brands that were on there, since that's the only difference, but maybe a belt had separated or something.

Nice profile on these tires. Anyway, I am happy, the wife likes the quiet and the handling on the dry, and I can move on to my wagon!

stevebfl 09-08-2002 07:16 PM

Any dealer that begs you to get Bridgestones is purely out for the money. The Michelins may not be twice the tire but I guarantee anyone else gives the dealer twice the margin to off them. Michelin unfortunately has no problems offing their tires and margins are terrible. I have never seen a good tire saleman start with Michelin. They look so good promoting a cheaper tire: while making twice the markup.

haasman 09-08-2002 08:04 PM

Steve ....

go to the Tirerack and check out the overall ratings for the RE950s ... then pick the Michelin of your choice.

The RE950s are great tires for the money.

Maybe I should have substituted the word "begged" for "highly recommended".

stevebfl 09-08-2002 09:20 PM

I have no problem with these tires, they just have more to prove than tirerack ratings to sit in the same room with Michelins.

My point stands; tire salesmen love to move people from Michelin due to the low profit margins.

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