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goose 09-20-2002 04:32 PM

240d starts hard now that engine is in new car?
I swapped the engine out of my beat 1975 240d into a nicer body about 2 weeks ago; everything has been great except that the engine is much harder to start now. When I did the swap I made sure to keep everything possible with the engine, so starter, glow plugs, fuel and injection pump, etc. etc. all were originally on that engine. The glow plugs still work and appear to reach the same temperature in the same time, the engine cranks at the same speed as far as I can tell. The battery terminals are clean. But for some reason I have to glow for twice as long AND crank for two-three time longer than before (when the engine was in the other car). Any ideas? My only thought is that I need to re-adjust the fuel injection/intake linkages or something... or maybe the battery that came with the car isn't as good as the other battery. It is the correct battery however (the previous car had an incorrect, much smaller one) and puts out 13 volts when charged.

JimSmith 09-20-2002 08:23 PM


Is the condition of the fuel in the tank or the lines ok? Is it possible the fuel has plugged up the filters? Seems like one of the more likely items, as the lines and tank were part of the "new" car. Good luck, Jim

haasman 09-20-2002 10:08 PM

Two questions jumped to mind:

First the obvious (OK stupid) one: you did bleed the lines? Used the aux hand pump to rid the fuel system of air?

Second, did you check the valve clearances?

goose 09-23-2002 02:08 PM

I've been driving the car for two weeks and it's been hard to start every time. I took the engine directly from the first car and put it in the second car; the first car had been my daily driver up until the day I took the engine out. The swap took me 3 days so the engine went from starting easy in one car to starting hard in the other car in only 3 days; I wish it could be something as simple as adjusting the valves. I did put some multipurpose diesel fuel conditioner in the tank along with 5 gallons fresh diesel before I started the car the first time since the car hadn't been operable for a few months. How would I check to see if the fuel lines are a problem? The PO had replaced the tank a while ago (his tank vent got pluggged so the tank crumpled) so I'm pretty sure the tank is in good shape.

I also was sure to bleed the line with the manual pump before starting for the first time. From what I've heard the engine will purge itself of air after running a little while anyway? If not I can try and bleed the lines again.

Charlane 08-11-2005 01:09 AM

Hard Starting 240D
Hello! So my wonderful 225,000 mile 240D is not starting as of today. It was having difficulty getting started and now it will not start at all. The starter turns over, battery at 12.60 volts, fresh gas. I went ahead and replaced the primary and secondary fuel filters without priming the pump and that is the first order of business tomorrow, however, before I changed the filters I noticed that these were full of gas. I would think that these would be dry if it were the fuel injection pump but now I need to figure out how to adjust the fuel injection pump also. Anyone know where to get the injection pump (drip) tool? I also thought that I would adjust the valves so that this might make it easier for a start. I've never worked on this car before. I've put engines in Volvos and VWs (yes, me and myself) and I keep my Porsche and my motorcycle (eew, I need to rebuild the carburetor) running but the diesel is new territory. Anyone? Thanks in advance.

Charlane :bulb:

t walgamuth 08-11-2005 01:19 AM

goose... perhaps there is a restriction in the fuel line like a kink. also you might try fungicide too. also there might be a small air leak that bleeds fuel out of the line. if the car is cranking slower i would suspect an electrical grounding problem. did you reattach the engine to chassis ground line?

tom w

charlene... did it start before you changed the fuel filters? if so you have just prob lost prime of the injection pump. there is a prime pump on the side of the pump. or you can pull start the car or you can pulloff the air cleaner and spray wd 40 into the intake and run it on that til it gets prime.

good luck.

tom w

Charlane 08-11-2005 01:47 AM

Hi and thanks for the tip. It did not start before I changed the fuel filters and I did attempt to start on WD40 also, ironically, but no can do. My baby will not start although it sounded like it would turn over a few times as if it is starved for fuel. I read in my book about adjusting the fuel injection pump. Do you know anything about this? Thanks in advance.

Charlane 08-11-2005 02:15 AM

Priming Pump
Please tell me what you mean by pull start? Also, when I prime with the manual pump on the side what bolt/nut do I loosen to allow the air to escape? Thanks in advance.

t walgamuth 08-11-2005 09:54 AM

there is no nut to loosen when bleeding. just use the pump til you hear the little clicking sound of the ball check valve hitting the housing. a pull start consists of using a tow rope to get the car moving and letting the clutch out in third gear to use the other car to substitute for the starter. this will allow the motor to turn over faster and sometimes will get it going when it just needs a prime. when the car starts you need to push in the clutch and rev the motor up just like you would when starting with the starter.

i would advise not fooling around with the injection pump. it is almost surely not the problem.

if you give detailed description of what the car was doing before and during the time it failed to start we might be better able to assist.

tom w

Charlane 08-12-2005 03:36 AM

Car starting AND running good! I did the math on this. I am running my car on soybean oil, lye and methanol and my mix was too thin in viscosity so my car was having difficulty starting. With the friction resistance of the lye, I knew I had nothing to worry about where engine wear was concerned and a quick check of the oil pan contents verified this. All I did was boil my mix a little longer for a thicker consistency and WALA! My car turns over each and every time and get when it's warmed up I don't even need to give it choke. It just quickly turns over. Smashing....

Since my car has been in a wreck (bought it that way) and has a straightened chassis (although it never really is), my car burns my 'oil' and more than I care for so instead of having to change the oil every few minutes because it's burning into thickness, I dilute it instead with more distillate .... I put a little gas in the crankcase and by measured percentage.

Thanks for the reply! This is a great forum!


t walgamuth 08-12-2005 07:20 AM

did you mean that you are putting gas in the lubrication sump? if so that is a bad idea.

tom w

Palangi 08-12-2005 10:16 AM

Uhhhh... choke? On a diesel?

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