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Wetback 10-23-2002 09:48 PM

R-12 availability
Realizing it is late in the season but for those of you needing R-12 for your systems, it is available here in Mexico over the counter for around $9.00 a can. I can ship it to you if needed but not in case quantities as it has to be "brought" back across the border. :D

LarryBible 10-24-2002 07:54 AM

Bringing R12 in from a foreign country is illegal.

Wetback 10-24-2002 09:19 AM

What's your point? Practically everything that makes life simple, easier, more interesting or just plain fun has been outlawed for whatever misguided reason one can think of or else the big money boys have made it so to further their agendas. Not to mention the tree huggers. It was just a thought and a gesture. No way in hell I'd ever think of retrofitting my Benz to 134.....

ebennz 10-24-2002 12:24 PM

off road use only

so are euro headlights and philips vision plus headlight bulbs.



welcome to mercedes shop!

thanks for your offer. it is available here also, we just have to pay a little more.


Cap'n Carageous 10-24-2002 12:29 PM

I have a confession...
I broke the law this morning, I drove 56 miles per hour!!:p

Mike Richards 10-24-2002 12:45 PM


Nice gesture - $9 R-12. Costs about $22-$26 a can in the U. S. in case lots(12 cans in a case).

The issue of it being illegal doesn't bother me at all. I could care less. Like you said, the big $$$ guys have their hands in it and that's how that happened. A group of German scientists have debunked the so-called ozone theory.

Nonetheless, if ya get caught in the U. S. bringing it in, you get cuffed and sent to a federal prison. I'll keep paying U. S. prices.


LarryBible 10-24-2002 01:38 PM

Mikes concern is more in line with mine. The way the tree huggers have set things up for R12, getting caught bringing R12 over the border wouldn't be much different than getting caught bringing cocaine over the border.

I detest the laws regarding R12 probably more than anyone else on this forum, but I also detest the idea of going to jail.

I've only seen the inside of a jail when transferring a prisoner while in the army, never as a guest. I intend on keeping it that way.

If you guys want to take the risk, I say go for it.

Best of luck,

Wetback 10-24-2002 02:01 PM

Okay guys
Knowing hoow much of a hassle it is to get in the US, thought I'd offer my help and then with Larry's post, the smartass in me just couldn't stay contained. Actually you all have fairly good points except for the penalties for bringing it across. In gross quantities, possibly, but in a smaller lots, not much of a problem. Surprisingly, I cross the border several times a week and just get waved through with no search of car or luggage. thank god too. I have an affinity for Cuban cigars and Havana Club Rum (Anejo Reserva). The idea of being a week without either while I am working in the US is intolerable to think of, much less experience! :cool:

Fimum Fit 10-24-2002 04:45 PM

The penalties aren't that small, even for small amounts.
My father-in-law, who is one of those thousands of retired Minnesotans who spends the winter in the Harlingen, Texas area and does most of his shopping in Mexico, reported recently that one guy from Illinois who picked up just a couple of cases for some of his kinfolk was caught at the border and fined $10,000. and had his fancy motor home confiscated. My father-in-law had ceased to be willing to keep supplying his family several years before that because the agents were circulating the word that the crackdown was coming.

Some of the stuff being sold south of the border doesn't come anywhere near meeting automobile specs, either -- in some cases it's almost straight propane.

Wetback 10-24-2002 10:10 PM

I've heard of the propane scam. I buy mine at Auto Zone here in Nuevo Laredo. Go figure, made in the USA by Dupont!:confused:

gdaley 10-25-2002 10:20 AM

The Havanna Club Anejo Reserva...
now that I'd be interested in!!!:)

Cap'n Carageous 10-25-2002 11:34 AM

Don't need any R-12, don't smoke cigars and don't drink liquor..
But if you ever down around Acapulco..........;)

LuckyF8 10-26-2002 12:01 AM

E Bay, compleated Items re: R12 Freon...... about $12.00 per lb, plus shipping, leagal cert required, bla bla bla....

Tank, I busted a move today , 5mph over posted.

So there!

Mike Murrell 10-26-2002 01:19 PM

Beware of attractively priced R-12 on E-bay. There are people out there selling R134a painted up as R-12. The tops of the these cans are different, requiring a different tap.

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