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tivoliman 01-13-2003 09:28 PM

190E 2.6 - 1992 - Needs new dashboard lights
I've tried several times with no real luck removing the instrument cluster on my 190E 2.6 (1992).

Several dashboard lights are out, and are in need of replacement.

Things I've done include:
1) Removed the under part of the dashboard.
2) Removed the Supplemental restraint Styrofoam.
3) I've disconnected the speedometer cable.

I just can not seem to get the instrument cluster out.

Suggestions and pictures would be appreciated.

MTI 01-14-2003 11:08 AM

After disconnecting the speedo cable, you should be able to push the cluster out from the back. I found that it's easier to push from behind if you also remove the plastic ducting for the left side air vent, which comes out with some twisting and tugging. The cluster is held in with a pressure fit and a rubber seal, there are no fasteners.

G-Benz 01-14-2003 01:12 PM

Wow! :eek:

A bit of overkill on the dismantling department!

Really, the cluster can be removed without taking anything apart. As MTI stated, it's a pressure fit, not bolted on.

I have the special tools to do this operation ($15), worth buying because I have more than one MB, and it has other uses. But coat hangers will work as well.

Bend a small hook on the end of the hanger (you need two). Insert the hangers between the seam of the cluster and the dash (it's a tight fit) at about the 3 and 9 o'clock positions about an inch or so in.

As you pull out, the hangers should grip the serrated edges of the cluster, and pull sloowwwwly. Since you've already disconnected the cable, you can pull the cluster far enough out to gain access to the bulbs behind the gauges.

Your car probably accepts the 1.2 and 2W bulbs...1.2 watts for the warning and turn signal indicators, and 2W for the backlighting. They are the "twist-off" type and I can't find those anywhere but the dealer. :( Expect to pay up to $6 apiece for them! :rolleyes:

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