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akry 10-04-1999 01:22 PM

I just noticed it earlier, when I drive my car over rough roads, there's a annoying sound come from either driver-side door latch or the dashboard. I have my dashboard remove twice at dealer to change burnout light bulbs, can it be the problem??

It sounds like worn out shock/spring from old American cars(I can't describe it). Any help appreciated.

P.S. I noticed that W140 tends to loose some body rigidity over years. Is it just me being picky or it's true?? Sometimes, I feel that the whole body is tweasting on un-even pavements.

Happy Motoring...
Andy Kuo
'92 400SE

metricman 10-06-1999 09:44 PM

From the door latch area? A clicking may occur from the striker plate, there was the addition of a plastic strip on the inner edge of the striker, that would be worth checking.
The suspension spring noise, maybe a snapping/clicking noise? 2 other common problems with the W140 chaissis. First the sway bar links get loose. And the upper control arms making a noise on bumps. If the rubber bushing is smooth, you have an early one, the later ones have a single rubber bead that goes around the bushing...

Good Luck, noises can be a pain, be patient!!


DAVIS 10-06-1999 10:04 PM

Dear Akry,
Can you describe more details about the 'nature' of the noise? If it happens when you going over a rough damp and the noise is like 'door/window hinge' moving without lubricant (try it in your home's gates/doors if you don't understand......just kidding!)and doesn't happen when cold start.Then you should check about the hinges/pipe tighters that hold the exhaust pipes to the transmission.I experienced that with my 1992 mazda 929 (I owned it for less than 2 years from new because.....)and it turned out to be the exhaust pipe tighters became loose when heated up.Those tighters are located at the transmission.If you tight the nuts up,that noise may be gone.Hope this helps.
from Davis Lo

akry 10-07-1999 12:54 AM


Thnx for the tips, I will try it ASAP......

To Davis,
The noise is from interior for sure, just not sure where only happens on rough roads, and it feels like the door latch is not fit properly and/or the whole body is tweasting, and cause the door the move a bit..

Thnx for the feedbacks...
Happy Motoring....
Andy Kuo
'92 400SE

DAVIS 10-07-1999 02:19 AM

Dear Akry,
If you are sure that noise is from the interior, I hope this helps....It happened to my dad's pre-owned 1989 W126 300SE.Yours maybe the same case that the rattle noise was from the underneath of the front passenger seat....there was an electrical height adjustment that the nuts start to loose.That was funny that if you got a passenger seated or the seat was adjusted to the lowest position, that noise would be gone.You can get your mother-in-law to sit and see how it goes!!(be sure that don't let her talk too much!!) from DAVIS LO

akry 10-07-1999 09:43 PM

Dear Davis,

Alright, thnx. Well, you just remind me that my drive seat DOES have strange sound when you are sitting on it. It sounds like some nuts are tighten too tight, and cause something to crack.... :)

I will check it out......thnx for the reply

Happy Motoring...
Andy Kuo
'92 400SE

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