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Joseph_H 01-20-2003 05:26 PM

P/S pump replacement... what's a fair price?
My '95 E420 leaks oil from the power steering pump. Was told I need to replace it with a rebuilt one. The mechanic at the independent shop said he could reseal the pump with new o-rings, gaskets kit and replace all for $500. Is that a good/fair price?

Dealer wanted $750 to do same. Dealer didnít recommend changing the pump, but resealing it since itís leaking.

Gary Ganaway 01-20-2003 05:50 PM

I had the same problem during an A/C repair. My inde found pw steering pump reservoir leaking, not the pump, so not sure if this is same problem. But my repair bill for removing, clean, resealing, and refit with fresh fluid was $162.00 labor + about $30.00 for seals, hose, fluid.

Joseph_H 01-21-2003 11:11 AM

Sounds like you got a pretty good deal Gary. I couldn't find anyone, reputable, that comes even close to that. If the guy did the job well, then that is a great deal. I usually use the dealer price as bases for comparison... I'll pick up the car today and will see how good of a job this guy does... it's first time I take "this" car to him. There were few times were he told me there was no need to replace parts I though needed to be replaced (not very common with some mechanics around here) Usually he does great job on other cars I took to him in the past.

dieseldude 01-21-2003 11:48 AM

Joseph, if you search the archives, you'll find that there are two different culprits for leaking PS pumps on these cars. One (which Gary probably had done), was the replacement of a small piece of hose and the seal where it enters the pumps itself - an ahour or so of labor, plus minimal parts

...your estimate sounds more like for resealing the entire pump, which needless to say, requires much more shop time. From what I've read the chances of this being the failure is about 50/50, so get another opinion before going this route.

My car has the same leak, but my indie says with confidence that I'll only need the hose/small seal replaced (thank goodness!).

- Ryan

Joseph_H 01-21-2003 03:21 PM

You are correct with your assumption. I read Garyís response again and see he is talking about a leak in his PS reservoir were mine is in the pump itself. My guy is doing a day-long rebuilt on the pump. He took the thing apart and still in process of changing all gaskets, O-Rings along with the hose seal you mentioned. By the way, my Inde said the same thing when he first saw the leak from underneath the car; that it may only need that small hose etcÖ but when he took the pump out (in the E420 you need to as there is no other way to do it) he found the pump is in dire need for a reseal job. I am in a position where I have no choice but to do the whole thing since the pump is already out and donít want to have to deal with it later.

What do you mean by stating that chances of this being the failure is about 50/50? The leaked fluid was PS fluid. Do you suggest something else maybe causing the PS fluid leak?

My inde told me he didnít see any other leaks when he took the pump out. So I am hoping that was itÖ


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