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300EVIL 04-22-2000 11:02 PM

is it worth it to get a GTC camshaft for my 87 300E???
will i get any more power??
i heard it lowers the power on takeoff?
is this true??

jeffsr 04-22-2000 11:16 PM

I have read the specs on this cam. As I recall, it comes to life in the upper RPM range (15-20 HP increase) Starts to pull about 4500 RPM on out to the redline. Improving the breathing helps with this type of a stick, and I don't mean just an air filter i.e. K&N. You need to set something up to give the throttle body a straight shot of fresh air. Can be done. HA (anything can be done with enough $$$) This stick will not do diddly for your bottom end, in fact, it might make it worse. Kinda have to rob Peter to pay Paul.
BTW Adam, the M103 was never designed to be a torque monster. You need stroke and cubic inches for that. This is a mid to top end motor and that's what it does best. Get someone to cut you a set of 4.11's for the rear end or stuff a big block chevy in there and be sure to buy a good supply of flex couplings, cuz' you'll need them.
Jeff L
1987 300e
1989 300e
1987 BMW 325

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LarryBible 04-24-2000 08:23 AM


Whenever you change to a camshaft with increased duration, you are basically shifting the power band to a higher RPM range. Additionally, one of the most important aspects of building power, is for everything to work together. That is, the cam timing, intake system, ignition timing etc., should be well matched.

Although I don't doubt that the camshaft would give you an extra 15 horsepower, it will be at a higher RPM range for which the other components were not designed. And it will be at the cost of what little bottom end torque the engine has.

In Germany cars are taxed(heavily) based on engine displacement. For this reason, the engines are already designed to make quite a bit of horsepower for their size. This is done by building that horsepower at a higher engine speed range. In an American V8, there is a lot of room to get more power by shifting the power band up, with a camshaft. The German engines don't give you much room for this.

Larry Bible
'84 Euro 240D, 516K miles
'88 300E 5 Speed
'81 300D Daughter's Car
Over 800,000 miles in
Mercedes automobiles

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