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straighteight 05-08-2000 06:40 PM

I bought my '84 300D last fall and didn't really get a chance to test the a/c before the weather got cool. Already this spring I've had quite a few days warm enough for a/c. I've noticed something strange: when the a/c is on, the horn will not blow properly. Sometimes one note will sound, other times I only hear the "click" of the relay. Once, suspecting that there was a fault with the horn switch, I continued to press the steering wheel hub. The fuse that protects the horn circuit as well as the climate control blew, and then all I got was HOT air! Everything goes back to normal when the a/c is not on. What is the matter here? I'd sure like to be able to drive around in my Benz on a hot day with the windows up and toot my horn at the pretty ladies. Can anyone help? Thanks.


jeffsr 05-08-2000 07:49 PM

It sounds like (no pun)you have a bad horn which is drawing too much current and loading down that circuit-> blown fuse. Disconnect the horns at the horn one at a time to find the bad one. Horns are a real current sink.

Jeff L
1987 300e
1989 300e
1987 BMW 325

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LarryBible 05-09-2000 07:37 AM

Deezel is our safety officer, he will probably suggest that you do not run the a/c so that you can honk if you need to. The horn is a safety device.

Just a joke Deezel.

I hope that Deezel has a since of humor. I would NOT want to, in any way, discourage him from the great safety tips he offers. There is no way for any of us to know the experience or eqipment available to anyone who may be taking advantage of this site. Whenever there is talk of raising a vehicle, or anything that could pose risk, Deezel is all over it. It's too bad there's no way to measure the accidents that may have happened, had he not offered safety advice. We all appreciate it.

Knock on wood, I've never had a serious accident while working on a car. My dad had an independent garage when I was growing up, so I started hanging around a car shop when I was about six. He wouldn't let me get NEAR a car that was on a jack or jackstands when I was small. He made a real big deal about it. I think that's why I've never had an accident, I approach it with caution. Most people didn't have my Dad watching over them when they were kids, so they didn't develop such a since of caution. Deezel is helping them think about it.

Have a great day,

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