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Joker 12-03-2005 05:25 PM

Newbie with 1969 oddity - any help please?

I'm new to the forum as a registared user although I have been reading the threads for a while. I have just bought A RHD 1969 300 saloon (I'm in the UK hence the RHD).

I say apparently a 300 because while the car is badged as a 300 it has a straight 6 motor in it not a V8. The UK Log book on the car says its a 3.0L engine but I have only heard of 2.8's in the straight 6 format for this period. I am assuming the 8 has died at some point and because of the cost of these things was replaced with a straight 6 which the then owner assumed was a 3.0 but wondered if anyone out there might know what this baby is? The other thought is that its just a 280 wearing a 300 badge (Badge theft was very common over here in the 90's due to a certain New York three piece group!

Anyway if it helps she has an auto box, Power assisted steering, central locking and electric windows (No air con :( or sun roof :)

Any thoughts?



cth350 12-03-2005 05:33 PM

The distributor cap has the leads flat , with three pointing one way and three the other, right? That my friend, is a rare, lovely M189 motor you have under the hood.

Be nice to that distributor cap, it's about 300$US to replace it. Most other engine parts are equally expensive. In my opinion, it's not worth it, unless you really like museum quality engineering. I have several friends who love the blasted thing (I only own two cars with that engine).

You need the "service manual, passenger cars starting 1959" to find any info on it. There were very few made in RHD. An earlier model, a 112.015 is on UK ebay now. That one is more rare than yours. As a '69, I presume your car is a 109.016 car (these are the 1st 6 digits of the chassis number BTW). There was also an identically badged 109.015 car. I forget the differences between them.


PS. The motor's serial number is above the oil filter, just below the cylinder head.

dkveuro 12-03-2005 05:40 PM

'allo john....Yer motor coulda come from anywhere in the world that uses RHD.
Mercedes exported to Hong Kong/ Australia/UK/Africa/ and other with RDH.

More helpful would be the VIN number on the B pillar or the one visable through the windscreen on the aluminium plate attached to the A pillar..

Mercedes built a 6 banger back then...a 250S with a 6 and OHC.(108. chassis.)
There was a 300SEL (109 E63.chassis.)It had a V8 6.3 litre motor, petrol.
Was a quality car with air suspension too. Had stacked head lights.

Then there's the 200 1967 to 1976 ( 115 chassis.) 4 banger.

The 250 was a 6 (114 chassis.)

The 280S was a 6 OHC ( 108 chassis...V28 motor.)

I suspect it was/is this last one.


Arthur Dalton 12-03-2005 06:08 PM

If you are sure of the year , then it is a 109.016. That is the M130 , 2.8 engine .
The 109.015 had the 189 motor and they ended production in 12/67.
Check the data plate for chassis #.

Tomguy 12-03-2005 06:13 PM

Air or spring suspension? If it's air suspension, it is indeed a 300. If it's coil springs, it's a 250 or 280. The VIN for 250 and 280's starts with 108. 300's starts with 109 (the chassis numbers). The second 3 numbers are the model number - for example, a 108.067 is a 280SE 4.5, 108.068 is a 280SEL 4.5 (both US-Market cars but just an example).

Joker 12-04-2005 05:38 AM

Wow, what a response! Thanks very much for all the info. I'm thinking she's a wrongly badged 280 but the chassis number will tell. Once I've had chance to use her a little bit I will know doubt have a few more questions :)

Having read some of the 108 threads I already know all the metal work and rubbers to check over thoroughly and what nipples need greasing! Theres some fantastic information on here and I'm way impressed by the forum.

Thanks again and speak to you all soon

Joker AKA Rich

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