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In the process of checking out a bad resistor end, I discovered that the power steering return line was leaking madly. All this time, I believed my steering box was the culprit. Basically, nearly 30 years of engine heat and constant fluid transfer had taken it's toll. There weren't any specific leaks, the hose material was acting like a sponge instead, with the fluid seeping through.

Stopped by my local MB tech to see if he had a replacement and his advice was to get some quality rubber hose from Pep Boys, AutoZone, etc. Said it took 5/8 ID hose, and be sure it isn't heater hose.

AutoZone had crankcase ventilation hose, but no 5/8 ID. They did however have 19/32 ID, and since that is almost 5/8, I got it. $2.00 worth of hose and 20 minutes work was all it took. I bought 2 feet but only used 20 inches for a perfect fit. Siphoning off the steering fluid before removing the hose, then siphoning out of the hose before disconnecting the far end made for a neat job. Once I removed the old hose, it was very hard and no longer flexible, and left a perfect oil print of it's outline on the garage floor. There is a hard plastic ring, which will need to be transferred to the new hose, it keeps the hose from contacting/rubbing on the sub-frame.

I'm sure many of the older Benz's currently have, or will soon have similar leakage and wanted to pass on this tip to all. A cheap easy fix, now you can't beat that with a stick.

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