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The return line is low pressure therefore the hose clamps are sufficient. My return line was/is still attached with hose clamps which appear to be original. The steel stub of line that continues to the steering box is formed with two ridges to seal the hose end, and the clamps should lay between the ridges. The resevoir end has at least one ridge, possibly two as well. One mine, only the pressure side has pressed/crimped fittings.

If your hose is leaking at the ends, it is probably due to the hose being brittle and/or cracked. Mine was leaking there as well. No leakage from the hose this morning, or after a 30 mile run. Will be logging another 150 miles this afternoon and will of course check the hose condition upon returning.

Now I should be able to gauge if the steering box is leaking or just seeping a little from the seals.

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