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Originally Posted by Gurkha View Post

An Associated Press investigation found more than 2,500 cases over five years in which educators were punished for actions from bizarre to sadistic.

Very worrying
Indeed,but hardly surprising.

Most people are very immature when it comes to sex,which this society has demonised to an unhealthy degree.
This is not to condone contact between minors and adults,such things are unnatural and heinous,but may,in some degree be directly proportional to society's distaste of it.

However my own experience with an "older woman"has only enlightened and enabled me to cultivate those predatory instincts which this society at the same time tacitly encourages.

when I was 13 there was this 38-40 year old divorcee who was,to say the least,quite vulgar,she would yell at her kids but generally mow her lawn in a bikini and kneesocks,big ass and cellulite notwithstanding,this was "instant wood"material for us horny teens who would gather together and have a circle jerk while watching her from the barn window
When 15 I began mowing her lawn as she apparently f*cked her way into a loan officer position at a local bank,we would see the married manager furtively leave her house after dumping his load and mutter youthful imprecations of jealousy at him.

Well,one day she was gardening,in her bikini and socks,it was 90 degrees out,one thing led to another and,well....that's when I discovered the power of pussy.
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