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I had thought about going into teaching math at a fairly young age, at least for a while. Then I visited a former high school bud who started teaching school right out of college -- early 20s -- visited him in his classroom at the end of the school day at our old alma mater. I was there at the school for something else, I forget what.

While I was there, a girl, I'm guessing 16 or 17 walked in with a mojo working that you could feel across the room. Lord what a body and the twinkle in her eye was strong. She talked to the teach for a bit and after she left, I said something like "whew . . . that's a precocious one . . " he said, "yeah, but she doesn't have a brain in her head . . . " going on to say that she seemed to be hanging on a new guy every other week.

I hate to admit it, I didn't trust myself to be in a situation where many, many teenage girls, many trying out their allures, were going to be in class every day, especially when I was still at the younger age, like my buddy was.

Not saying it's right for a minute, but damn, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Maybe now that I'm older and not nearly as big a pull to the young things, it could work out.

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