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Originally Posted by Robistock View Post
I have a 1990 500sl,and recently had new injectors installed as well as a new EHA valve.The car starts more or less ok when cold but very difficult when warm.If I press the accelerator pedal once when hot she will start better.This leads me to believe that it may be the fuel accumulator, but when accelarating from a stop position ,the car starts ,hesitates and then goes,this does not happen when the car has been running for a while.
I also have new spark plugs and the car was also serviced.
Any ideas
1. Check the ign. rotors and the adapters have been upgrated to H. D.
2. 0/2 sensor for touching the drive shaft.
3. Mass module.
4. Fuel pumps. PSI. Test.
5. Temp. sensor.
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