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Rebadging '87 300e

I want to rebadge my '87 300E. I think the old "300E" on the left rear with the line under it is dated. I got an "E300" from the Mercedes dealer ---this must have been for the diesel. The numbers on this "E300" insignia are smaller than on the old 300E sign, and there is no line under it. It looks more sedate. I won't rename my car an E300 since it is technically not an E series car yet--Mercedes did that in '94, I believe. I'm just going to swich it around so it reads 300E. But I want to put it in a postion that corresponds as close as possible to the newer 124's---namely the '94-'95's. I was wondering if the '93's had the 300E in the smaller lettering without the line. I know that it is a slighly updated version of the 124--the rear license plate holder is recessed ( my '87 does not have this), and there is lower body cladding, and I though I might have seen this car with the smaller 300E sign without the line in it. I ws hoping that any '92--'95 owners might send in photos of the rear of their cars so I could get an idea where to rebadge my car---actually I'm going to have the car detailed so I want the detailer to know where to place the new emblem. Any help wouild be much appreciated.
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