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The 300E's have the same badging as the 86-92 models with the large 300E with the line under it.

The license plate update arrived with the lower body cladding in 90 or 91, not 93.

The 93 300E's got the engine upgrade that the 94-95 W124's and the 96-97 W210's got - the M104 3.2 liter DOHC engine. The 93's also got the interior upgrade as in the 94-95: passenger side airbag, armrest with flip-up lid and storage compartment, and the standard addition of the locking storage compartment underneath the armrest.

It is beyond me why they didn't call this model a 300E 3.2, or even E320.

The 93's didn't get the exterior upgrades - the hood with the new grill, the European style headlights and nearly clear corners, the new deck lid with the chrome strip underneath the star, completely painted front and rear bumpers, and new tail lights.

The new E 320 or E 300 badge goes in the exact same spot.
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