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Glow plug dash light and plugs...

The '83 300 D, with 167,000 miles, recently had no glow plug dash (idiot) light illumination, even after replacing the bulb.

All plugs are original. Testing with the ohm meter at the plug relay showed plug nos. 3 and 4 were toast. I replaced them as well as the strip fuse relay. Still, no glow plug light illumination. Plug no. 4 does show .1 ohm lower on the meter than the other plugs. Would that a pose a problem? I twisted the wire insulation off a little as the plug broke during removal.

The car has always started easily, and in fact I just did a 600 mile round trip with the non-functioning no. 4 still installed.

I plan to find another dash bulb and replace it as soon as I get one. After that, should I go ahead and replace the rest of the plugs, or just learn to live without the light?
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