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W126 stereo install problems

Good morning everyone. I'm somewhat of a novice at this so I have some questions. I'm installing a new stereo in an 86 500SE euro and I seem to have run into a snag. I bought the car without a radio and it looks like some of the wiring has been messed with but I can't tell for sure, the fader switch was unhooked and wrapped with elec. tape and it had 2 small pins stuck inside that were jumping some of the connectors, I don't know what effect this was having but I removed the pins. Here are the wires I've been able to sort.
In the four pin connector:
black-12vconstant (I think, I'm at work and all this is written down at home)
2gray/purple-dimmer (won't be using, I guess I just tape this off to keep it from grounding correct?)

there are four pairs of wires I thought were each one speaker but it turns out after reading in here I'm wrong.
white/black <-still had the factory connector attached
yellow/black <-still had the factory connector attached

I was testing with a 9v to see which wires were for which speaker and I can't get the back ones to pop, which wires do I need to cut at the fader and extend to the front to the head unit. I really really do not want to run new wires for the rear I just want to bypass the fader switch. Remember I have a basic understanding so please be descriptive! thanks!!
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