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I have used B100 in all my diesels including my 1996 E300D (W210, OM603NA) and currently use B20 in all of them. Biodiesel does tend to gradually dissolve natural rubber compounds including the injector return lines, fuel line connector o-rings, the fuel tank neck seal -- anything that biodiesel touches.

I agree with the suggestion that you try a blend of biodiesel and dino diesel. Since you have only 55 gallons, you can use a few gallons at a time and probably get away without making any changes to the car since B20 (for example) will not attack rubber as quickly as B100 will.

Change both fuel filters before beginning to use biodiesel and keep an eye on the primary filter and its o-ring. Any crud that the biodiesel dissolves off of the walls of the fuel tank and lines will end up in the filters. I never had problems with filters actually clogging but others have reported problems so watch closely.


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