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190 2.6 for sale

Hi, i'm new to the boards but i have a question since most of you are up on MB cars.

Our local BMW dealer is selling a very nice 190 2.6, it looks very nice with only a few flaws. 121000 kms (60000 miles) it's very nice, they want 15900 CND (8-9k usd), it's an auto, interior is mint, exterior has a few paint flaws and one headlight cover is damaged slightly but overall a very nice car.

The thing i was wondering is it has front/rear bumper + side skirts and on the front it sais AMG. Did MB make a AMG 190, i don't think so. In the ad it also sais it's one of a kind so maybe it is a rare 190, i don't know. Anyway post your thoughts.

I've heard some problems with these cars too so..
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