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Originally posted by tvpierce
I'm not familiar with McGuards. Do they truly require a "key" or just a special lug wrench?
Jeff Pierce
McGuards uses a key style lock in which the female receptor bolt head is shaped in different star like patterns with the center left in. The debate is that becuase the male "key" is thin walled, and given manufacturing tolerances, this style of locks only allows "X" value of torque (below what is recommended) before you lose the positive lock between the male and female parts and damage the locking mechanism.

I don't really buy it becuase when I installed my locks, I used a torque wrench to thighten them up just like how I did with the standard bolts and it held up to 90 ft-lbs of torque just fine. The locks doesn't look stripped and I didnt feel any slippage when tightening. So why shouldn't you install multiple sets........??
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