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how many ways to fix a front main seal om617

so i tore down my motor to clean it up for my swap into a toyota 4x4

the spacer ring is obvously seal worn- nice ring that will for sure cause a leak with the use of nother mercedes seal.
here are my questions
1- the victor reins brown color seal looks to be manufacured a tad different, i used my dial caliprs and found that the sealing lip should land a smidge over from the factory seal
but im not to confident that it will keep the oil in because this aftermarket seal does not have the secondary lip that rides on the balancer disc. im sure the factory made the secod seal for a reason..
2. anyone know if you can remove and flip the spacer ring? also how the hell do you get it off without the factory tool? kidnap a mercedes tech and his tool box?
3. anyone know of a seal saver?

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