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George, as long as you use Never Seize on the lug bolt threads there shouldn't be a problem with the extended shank bending or shearing off. The lug nolts on our MB vehicles are never a problem to remove; however, I am a DIY'er and replace brake pads/rotors and take loose wheels to our local MB dealer for new tire installation. So I am the only one handling the lug bolts. When I take our MB vehicles for state inspection I request that the tech inspect the brake pads/rotors without removing the wheels. If for some reason the tech must remove the lug bolts I reapply Never Seize and retorque them as soon as possible afterwards.

Lug bolt removal becomes a problem for vehicles that are neglected or mishandled. Without a thin coat of Never Seize the threads can rust in place which requires tremendous force to break loose. Similar situation for lug bolts which are overtightened with an impact wrench.
Fred Hoelzle
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