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roadtrip - Portable, out of the trunk filtration systems

Hey there, a few weeks back I graduated university and to celebrate bought an 84' 300TD converted to veggie oil to learn the ropes. im new here but excited to learn. Thanks in advance for your help.

I'm preparing for a few long road trips (taking off to Tennesse from Toronto in a couple weeks) and been doing research on what is the best way to do a portable, out of the trunk filtration set up but curious for feedback.

- i've read its important that the WVO can settle for a few days before it is run through a filter. is this true? what is the impact if it isn't given so much time to settle? my understanding is that it just puts more pressure on the filter itself

- how important is it that the WVO gets heated before being run through the filter? is the consequence of filtering without heat just that it filters slower? how slow does it go without the heat?

otherwise what is the cheapest and most portable way to heat it. can i use a portable water heater of some sort?

- are there any maps showing WVO collection sites in Northeastern USA?

- also, its worth an ask, anyone have pre filtered oil i can grab from them on the road, anywhere between Toronto (Canada) > Tennessee > New York > Halifax (Canada). Id love to meet up and grab a coffee or beer and talk veggie systems on route!

- any other tips or tricks or ideas?

shoot me an email at or just post here. thanks again
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