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Craftsman tool logo history...

I was going through my grandfather's tools, and in addition to finding two complete Stanley No. 45 planes with all irons, I found a slightly rusty plane with guide that I was able to later ID as a Craftsman by the logo on the iron.

This particular plane was japanned, finished on both sides, as well as bottom, has two spots to place the iron, as well as two places to mount the guide.

The Craftsman logo appears to be the same that was used when the first logo appeared in 1927. My search for information on Bing has left me wanting...does anyone know of a site that has all of the Craftsman logos shown so that I can compare to get a closer approximation of the year span that it was made?

As for the No. 45 is a Stanley, and the other was made by Stanley for Montgomery Ward. The difference is the omission of the Stanley name, and a bit rougher cast finish. Both are nickel plated instead of japanned, so that makes it a little bit easier to date them. I'm sure I'll have them properly dated within a few weeks of digging online.
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