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The 300D would be an automatic, what is the 240? auto or manual?

The 300 is about 88HP and the 240 is 67HP so you would think the 300 would be faster.

Could be the Torque Convertor slipping, lack of valve adjustments, fuel filters needing changing, air filter.
How many miles between the two?

Our 80 240 with 354K and manual trans will walk away from my BIL 82 with 140+K and auto trans.

I haven`t driven a none turbo 617 so don`t have any experience with them. I do know our 240 is pretty peppy for what it is.

there were three HP ratings on the OM616...

1) Not much power
2) Even less power
3) Not nearly enough power!! 240D w/auto

Anyone that thinks a 240D is slow drives too fast.

80 240D Naturally Exasperated, 4-Spd 388k DD 150mph spedo 3:58 Diff

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