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Outlaw Quadrupeds

In my state there is a type of critter designated "outlaw quadruped" ( You can take them at night using NV and sound suppression.

So, having never used a night vision scope nor a silencer, I got curious.

It turns out that you can get a BATF license for a suppressor (!COOL!) but then your name goes into the government database, which of course the gov would never abuse..... So no sound suppressor for me. BUT, NV scopes are not registered items. So I bought one ATN Aries MK390 Paladin Night Vision Rifle Scopes 14361 Free S&H ATN MK-390 NVWSM39010 last year. It's gen 1+ (grainy, short-range without IR illumination).

And mounted it on a new Remington 597 .22 WMR ( At night I couldn't get it under a 3" group at 50 yds and often a stray would be over 6" from the group. All pretty consistent to the lower right.

The 597 trigger pull was awful. Maybe 6-7 lbs and had a fair amount of creep. So I bought a drop-in solution from Volquartsen, a 'target hammer' Volquartsen 597 Target Hammer. It makes a huge difference. I haven't measured the trigger pull but it's got to be under 3 lbs and very crisp---almost no movement then blam!

I have one more problem (which I why I am posting this on OD), the danged scope is so tall and heavy that it tends to rotate to scope-under. This is awkward. I'm thinking about a bipod but am not anxious to shoot from prone, at night, in a Louisiana swamp. Too many critters looking to express their territoriality. I prefer seated on a log.

Y'all have any suggestions?
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