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The reason for my original post was mostly out of frustration, as I had read on this and other forums of how people seemingly just walked into any hydraulic hose repair shop, of which there are many in my area, as this is farming country, and walked out with the rubber hose sections of their oil cooler lines replaced.
When I showed up at one of the shops yesterday and they told me 'No Way' I was irked and confused, and when I then went to 2 others and got the same response I just thought they didn't want to take the time to do the job.

Now I understand and after reading your responses I realize that it's not as simple as I originally thought.

Yes, I am glad they didn't even attempt to cobble something together, which could have blown apart and ruined my engine.

And, Yes, when I worked at NAPA, it was entirely their own system, so all the crimps would work. I understand that now.

Again, I guess I initially didn't understand all the nuances of the situation, I just thought it was pretty much a remove and replace type thing.

Thanks for all the suggestions, but all in all the rest of the car is in such fantastic condition, I think rather than rig something up, I will keep it factory. I think it's best, especially if I decide to sell the car in the future.

I know it sounded like I was blaming the shops in my initial post, in reality they did the right thing by refusing to work on it.

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