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1985 CA emission 617 owners, You NEED This:

Now available for your California Emissions OM617: Trap-Ox (or Trap-Cat) Bypass "Test" Pipe. The cost is $150 (Postage included). The prototype was made with harvested flanges from an old trap-ox, but the production units will be made with new laser cut flanges. The pipe is 16 gauge DOM, and is TIG welded. Gaskets and EGR block-off plate included.

Here is the first candidate for the new pipe: My bro's 1985 300D.

I first removed the downpipe, turbo oil line, intake tube and other bracketry:

I then removed the 4 turbo bolts, braces, and exhaust output flange to remove the turbo:

Next I removed the 3 bolts holding the trap-ox, the EGR, and the removed the trap-ox :

The pipe installed with gasket and factory braces:

Next I installed the turbo and took it for a test drive. The final result:

The installation makes it easier to access the starter, and also will improve performance (especially if you have a plugged trap!).....Rich

Check out:

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