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F S- Accessory for A/C compressor clutch and condenser fan to run together

I now have available for sale: This accessory powers the condenser fan from a different power source whenever the compressor clutch is engaged. The relay and wiring help keep your A/C system working more efficiently by providing constant air flow across the condenser while the compressor is working. The thermal switch is unreliable, and can wait too long to power up the cooling fan. This accessory also removes the fan and compressor clutch current load from the already overloaded circuit, and provides separate fused power for them.
It is very easy to install, and is nearly "plug and play" (the exception being that the relay needs to be screwed to the body to complete the ground). It is made with all new parts and all wire connections are soldered and covered with heat shrink tubing, and then split loom.
The price is $26 with Priority Mail shipping included. You can also order it with one of my Sanden retrofit kits for $20, and I will add it to the package.
Check out the prototype:

Also available for an additional $3 for those of you still running the R4, adapter wiring:

P M for details........Rich
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