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Yes, It is better than the E10 junk they say we need. I have tried it several times in my 84 500SEL over the last few years and would always see about a 10% increase in mpg and maybe a 10% increase in power and the engine is just more responsive. Now the problem, it cost more and is not easy to find if traveling.
For the last 2 years I have been using Sta-Bil Marine fuel stabilizer. About 1 oz every other fill up. I don't think it helps mileage or power, but it neutralizes the acid formed by the ethanol and water from condensation.
Most people think that the E in E10 is for ethanol, but it really is for EVIL. And EVIL10 is really bad stuff for the older cars. Manufacturers had to change some parts to withstand the ethanol.

84 500 SEL (307,xxx miles)
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