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Originally Posted by fahrvergnugen View Post
I should add; he always used E10 when pure gas was available, just a bit more expensive. And the fuel lines made in '92-93 were not made to withstand ethanol. If you doubt me on that last one, do some research and convince yourself.
I'm well aware of the properties of Ethanol and how it can affect older compounds of rubber.

However to say "he put E10 in it and it immediately blew up" is scapegoating. Those lines were old, hard, and brittle long before it blew up.

I run E10 in my 190SL. No instant explosions yet.

Simpler=Better, essentially everyone in America runs E10 without trouble. I've never had any issues.

Buddy was flipping a Flex-Fuel Ford one winter, we ran E85 out of curiosity. It was a huge pain to start below freezing. Ran E85 in a flex fuel rated GLK350 in the summer and noticed no difference other than the proscribed drop in MPG.
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