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Originally Posted by bsharp8256 View Post
I'm surprised this is possible. How did he turn off the warnings that would surely be triggered when the sensors in the suspension system are no longer there? From what I understand, the ABC system runs in tandem with the power steering--they have different reservoirs for each system that run off the same pump. Is a different power steering pump in that list of parts?

I'd love to see the list...I don't plan on doing this on mine anytime soon, but a repair bill for several thousand dollars could potentially change my mind

On-topic: I love the S55, but it's only made me want to try out that sexy, sexy biturbo V12
Yes, it involves swapping the PS pump to one off of a non ABC car. You do have to swap one of the subframes to one off of an airmatic car to get the swaybar mounts, but it's not rocket science! From there, he used one of the coil spring conversion kits, and swaybars off of an airmatic car.

I'm not sure how he overcame the warnings, I'll ask him about that next time I see him.

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it's automatic.
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